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basket of organic fruit

Green Accommodation – Make Sure Yours is Eco-Friendly!

Are you looking for green accommodation options that prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility? Whether you’re planning a vacation or a […]

guided safaris

Here’s Why Guided Safaris are All the Rage

There are arguably few better places on the African continent to experience the magnificence of an untamed wilderness as in […]

Sustainable Travel – It’s Easy with WayAway

Travel is the ultimate way to experience new things, meet new people, and expand your perspectives, but it’s important to […]

travel responsibly

How to Travel Responsibly in Ten Ways

Travel and tourism boost local economies, and if done sustainably can even help preserve indigenous ecosystems and cultures. The term […]


Off-the-Grid Getaways where Load Shedding isn’t a Thing

As we say good bye to the big year that was 2022, many of us are longing to get away […]

kruger national park

Planning a Trip to the Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is one of Africa’s most beloved destinations by both local and international visitors. The Park is […]

rock art

Travel Back in Time!

Understanding who we as humans are includes understanding where we come from. And southern Africa is a region of great […]

Eco Car

European Vacation with a Positive Impact!

Did you know that an electric vehicle (EV) is almost silent, produces zero carbon emissions, and can save you a […]

photo of elephant at camp

Why a Family Safari is the Best Escape Right Now!

The last year has left a long-lasting effect on us for many of the wrong reasons, however, one of the […]