The Wonderbag – Powerless is Powerful

The Wonderbag – A Recipe for Change

I was quite fascinated by the Wonderbag when I received it although I did not know too much about it. It’s a beautiful cotton ‘bag’ which arrives flat, and you sort of shake out out the sections (which are filled with repurposed foam chips), until you have a puffy bag resembling a bean bag shaped in a flower in front of you. I had an idea that the Wonderbag was a type of pressure cooker, so I set about making a red lentil curry therein. It’s really as easy as this – you prepare your dish on your stove as you would normally do, bring to the boil, and once it’s boiling you place the pot in the Wonderbag, lid on. You pull the drawstring tightly closed around it, and then absolutely leave. In a matter of hours, your food will be ready. So only after making this successful curry with little effort and using NO ELECTRICITY, did I actually realise the enormous positive impact that this amazing bag can have.

The Wonderbag can continue cooking food for up to twelve hours once a boiling pot has been placed in the bag and sealed. The consequences of this are mind blowing for the many millions of people all over the world who don’t have access to electricity. It’s safe, it’s far less time consuming, and it’s cost effective. It’s also a healthier way to cook as moisture is retained, so nutrients aren’t lost in the cooking process. Vegetables remain firm, and it’s impossible to overcook.

What really made me think was – the time spent in collecting wood to keep fires burning is a hugely time consuming chore. In rural centres this can also be a safety hazard, especially if fires are left unattended. There’s also the pollution caused by smoky fires burning, especially if the fires are burning inside. If these factors can be nominally eradicated by using the Wonderbag, lives are going to be hugely improved.

There are plenty of recipes to be found on the Wonderbag website, and different ways to use the bag too. One can also cook rice etc., and every Wonderbag comes with a recipe booklet. This potato, lentil and spinach curry is delicious, and here’s a special Halloween offering: Halloween Squash Soup with Green Brain Juice! Most importantly, a portion of every purchase is contributed towards the Wonderbag foundation which donates bags to families in need across Africa. This revolutionary cooking method is changing lives for the better all over the world.

Absolutely no family should be without the Wonderbag. (It also keeps things cool by the way!) Because as a family we have quite specific dietary requirements, what we’ve really loved is if on a day trip we can make the food at home in the morning, pop the bag in the boot and off you go. Meal is ready later on in the day when you need it and one doesn’t have to fall into the trap of having to forage around or buy junk for hungry kids! Also good to take to friend’s houses when taking own food. It really is the most amazing, cost effective and useful cooking method imaginable.

For further information on the wonderful Wonderbag, and to purchase online, please visit the Wonderbag website for more info!



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