The Green Lady – Magical Tales from the Knysna Forest


Magical Tales from the Knysna Forest to Enchant your Inner-Child

by Lisa Picard

I was so excited to receive a copy of this book (partly because I live in the area where the story is set) and I was not disappointed! While it is told by Peter Allen, it is at the same time his own story – Peter relocates from a high paced career, a steady stable relationship and a big buzzy city all at once! He finds himself in the relatively quiet town of Knysna on the Garden Route after several portents lead him there to discover more about mysterious encounters in the fantastical forests of Knysna, and to pen them – thus The Green Lady was borne.

Peter sets out to research the tales of mystery and intrigue that surround the Knysna forests, and in particular the sightings of and experiences with the elusive Green Lady. Thus each chapter shares a deliciously enticing tale with the reader about the marvellous goings on surrounding The Green Lady.

There’s Lucy who takes comfort in the green depths of the forest after the death of her Mother, and who is saved by The Green Lady from a potentially nasty incident. The forest shapes the path of Lucy’s life, and provides refuge for her in different ways when facing life’s challenges.

Then there is Dr Benjamin Leigh, a retired botanist living on a smallholding in the Knysna area. Ben not only is saved by The Green Lady from a dangerous encounter whilst clearing aliens, but also receives some life altering wisdom from her.

Sandi and Greg choose to leave their high flying lives in a busy city and move to Knysna to live off and with the land – but things don’t work out quite as they’d planned! The Green Lady appears to Greg one night in a beautiful dream . . . which changes the entire face of their plans and points them towards a more successful approach to realising their goals.

The Judson sisters at Wisteria Cottage have their own poignant life story, and their story is made even more touching by the appearance of The Green Lady in their lives, especially that of Angela. Angela’s encounter with The Green Lady resurrects her spirit, and therefore that of her sister Emily too.

Tariro from Zimbabwe comes to join his cousin in Knysna in search of a better life. It’s not as straightforward as he’d thought though, and Tariro falls in with a rough crowd and his story becomes complicated. He is inadvertently saved from a very sad fate by The Green Lady who answers the prayer of a farmer in danger.

Ken Bailey introduces Peter to the Knysna Heads and the famous Knysna sea horse. Ken also shares with Peter his life altering experience in the green depths of the green water at the Heads – an experience which changes his outlook forever and intrigues our author even further!

Peter meets Christine in the grocery store, and quite unexpectedly via her very typical teenage son Gerry, Peter becomes privy to the story of six teenage boys who spend an eventful night camping in the Knysa forest. Each boy is interviewed individually by Gerry, and the stories that unfold regarding the events of that night make for fascinating reading.

Knysna local Steven Small is a bestselling author whose book The Amazon Code has received rave reviews internationally. But there’s a twist – and The Green Lady helps Steven to unblock his path in a most unexpected way which involves our own author.

Sarah, who Peter dubs the ‘quintessential hippy-chick’, is a partner in a business firm before a joyous experience in the forest shifts her perspective unalterably. Sarah’s path changes direction and she is able to connect with her water element on a smallholding far from the pressures of a high flying career in the city.

The book takes an unexpected turn with Geoffrey and Maggie’s story about their cycling trip to the forest. Their fun in the forest starts off well but takes an horrific turn that doesn’t end in a positive way. A harrowing narrative recounts their ordeal and the consequences thereof.

Peter meets the artist Greta van Niekerk quite by accident whilst out hiking, and after unsuccessfully trying to arrange a meeting with her for some time. Greta’s path has been marred by a tragic incident which scars her immeasurably – until her encounter with The Green Lady who helps her on her way to healing.

Martha is a student at the business school in Karatara, and Peter meets her in the school’s cafeteria when he goes to thank her for a lovely lunch. He there meets her daughter Elsa, who is severely ill. Elsa is able to share her dreams of The Green Lady with Peter, and these beautiful tales culminate in a painful and poignant ending.

As he gathers together all these wonderful and mostly heart-warming stories, our author of course aches to sight The Green Lady himself . . . Will he ever be fortunate enough to do so? For anyone who doesn’t believe . . . or for anyone simply curious to know more about The Green Lady – this beautiful gem of a book is a must!

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