Say NO to Plastic with Freshbag- Review

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The Fantastic Freshbag… says NO to plastic!

I received my beautifully packaged FreshBags in the post and fell in love with them immediately. They are white nylon mesh bags with a pretty saddle stitched cotton drawstring; the bags are approximately 24 cm by 24 cm. I dashed off to Pick ‘n Pay at once to try them out, and to see how they would be received. I put two onions in one, and the lady who weighed them didn’t blink an eyelid. She placed the sticker on the bag and handed it back to me no questions asked. The two ladies at the till thought the bag was fantastic! I explained to them that I was using it so as to reduce my use of plastic and that I was desperately tired of all those plastic bags hanging around in the cupboards at home (which inevitably will end up doing environmental damage somewhere somehow), and they thought that was a perfectly good idea.

Although I only bought onions that day, the other fabulous way to use the bags which I’ve done since, is that if for example one buys a handful of loose green beans, when one gets home one can place the mesh bag as is in the refrigerator, and simply store your vegetables therein. It’s so much healthier to store them in the breathable mesh than in clingy plasticky packaging. I felt so happy when I got home and I did not have to deal with the plastic that the veggies come in. If the bags get grubby with use, one can chuck them in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry – a 30 or 40 degree wash is best. The bags will last for ages!

Most of our plentiful plastic litter comes from single use plastic containers, and this is absolutely detrimental to our environment, especially to our marine life and other water ways. Besides the obvious pollution caused by plastic, plastic breaks up in water and is swallowed by many different forms of marine life. We are basically killing our sea life with our use of plastic!

This is an image of green beans in a FreshBagI wanted to find out more about the creation of the FreshBags, so I spoke to Claire Randon, the designer of and business mind behind the bags. Claire felt equally as unhappy about those flimsy plastic veggie bags as many of us do, and decided to do something about it. The very attractive FreshBags that you can use today were borne of Claire cutting up a net curtain which she dug out of her fabric scraps box, and which worked extremely well! Claire beautified same, and now we have – the wonderfully attractive and utilitarian FreshBag. Furthermore, and what I truly love about this venture, is the ethical business model that Claire embraces. The bags are currently being made by a couple of ladies in their own homes in Plettenberg Bay, and Claire is adamant that they will always be made in South Africa, regardless of cost. Claire is currently exploring options to increase production through local initiatives and upliftment programmes. I applaud this approach – job creation where it is sorely needed, as well as making a hugely positive contribution to saving our planet!

I am using my bags everywhere I go now, and they always attract much attention and are so enthusiastically received! The bags are available to order through the website, and can be posted to anywhere in South Africa. They are extremely well priced – price on the website includes postage within SA, and they are available in single, double or triple packs. I highly recommend using these FreshBags – they are a brilliant way to help reduce the use of unnecessary plastic, and to help protect our planet!

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