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Dermikelp Skin Cream Review – It’s not every day that I find a product that makes such a differene to my life that I am prepared to endorse whole heartedly on national television.  Well, Dermikelp® is just that product.

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Earlier this year I was struggling with Dermatitis.  My skin was red, inflamed and very itchy.  Prescribed products were not working and using lotions that contain cortisone and other chemicals really does not fit in with my efforts at ‘green’ living.

One day my skin was particularly inflamed and uncomfortable – so I popped in at my local pharmacy to try find relief.  The simple green and white packaging of and the words 100% Natural Active Ingredient on a tube of Dermikelp® Itch Relief Cream  caught my eye.


I bought the product and started using it straight away – the results were immediate.  When I  read the package insert, I was really excited to discover that what makes so effective is that it contains 100% natural proprietary extract of the giant kelp species, Ecklonia maxima (CEM-K) which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Further research into the Benefits of Ecklonia maxima made it abundantly clear why I was enjoying such amazing results.  I strongly  recommend Dermikelp® Itch Relief Cream to ANYBODY suffering from Eczema or any form of Dermatitis.  (We’ve recently discovered that it even eases the itch from insect bites!)

I’ve included a comprehensive description of the MANY Benefits of Ecklonia maxima at the end of this review – do read them!

Dermikelp®  Itch Relief Cream is not the only product in their extensive range that is now a part of my daily skin care routine –  I’m also using and recommending all of these products in the range daily.


I love that the Dermikelp® Shampoo and Conditioner both have a great fragrance that is suitable for the whole family.  Not only are we all free of scalp itches, but our hair looks shiny and hydrated too!

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I love that the Dermikelp® Moisturising Lotion is fragrance free and light and easy to apply for all over body hydration all day and night!


I love that the Dermikelp® After Sun Spray not only cools tender skin and reduces inflammation after a day in the sun, it also rehydrates the skin and promotes healing.


Benefits of Ecklonia maxima

Ecklonia maxima kelp flourishes on rocky reefs off the coast of the western tip of Africa where the pristine, icy Benguela current sweeps up from Antarctica.  This current keeps the kelp fronds in constant motion, bathing them in the tumultuous, nutrient-rich ocean, causing the kelp to grow extremely rapidly.  Ecklonia kelp has developed a strong and rubbery cell structure which enables it to thrive in the violent wave action present on this coastline. The strength of this marine plant is due to the presence of high levels of organic gels within its kelp tissue. In addition to organic gels, the kelp has significant amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

Organic Gels:  Ecklonia kelp has a high content of organic gels including alginates.

Enzymes:  Kelp, due to its extremely fast growth rate, is a rich source of enzymes.  The cellburst process applied to freshly harvested Ecklonia Kelp ensures that the fragile enzymes remain unaltered.

Amino Acids:  Amino acids, the building blocks of life, are present in kelp. Ecklonia kelp contains 7 of the 9 essential amino acids and 7 of the 11 non-essential amino acids, thus 14 of the 20 amino acids necessary for human growth.

Vitamins:  The vitamins present in Ecklonia kelp sap are in a natural, plant- based, easy-to-assimilate biological form.  Here is a quick overview of these vitamins and their functions in the body:

·        Vitamin A – Essential for vision, cell growth and reproduction, Immune system function

·        Vitamin B1 – Carbohydrate assimilation, Proper nerve function, Energy transformation

·        Vitamin B2 – Fat assimilation, Energy transformation

·        Vitamin B3 – Fat and carbohydrate assimilation, Energy transformation

·        Vitamin B5 – Fat metabolism, Energy transformation

·        Vitamin C – Builds connective tissue, hormones and neurotransmitters, Antioxidant

·        Folic Acid – A catalyst in RNA and DNA synthesis
Minerals:  Scientists are aware of at least 60 trace minerals found in the tissue of kelp.  Kelp cytoplasm has a wide array of minerals present in an easy to assimilate, biologically-active form.  Some of the minerals found in kelp and the potential benefits of them are as follows:
·        Boron – Mineral assimilation, Nerve function, Energy utilization, Hormone production

·        Cobalt – Growth regulation essential in the formation of B12, red blood cells and hormones.

·        Copper – Fat assimilation, Protein and collagen formation, Nerve and immune function

·        Fluoride – Teeth structure

·        Iodine – Proper metabolic functioning, Wound healing

·        Iron – Blood formation, Oxygen transportation

·        Manganese – Fat and carbohydrate assimilation, Antioxidant formation

·        Molybdenum – Cofactor in many enzymes

·        Zinc – Essential for growth and development, Wound healing, Immune function, Protein synthesis and antioxidant formation

(This information is supplied by Dermikelp)


REVIEWED by Jacqueline Baldwin

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