Outeniqua Moon Place of Magic


From the moment we arrived at Outeniqua Moon and were greeted by a beautiful bounding canine as tall as my hips, we knew that we had arrived in a very special place. We were shown to our stunning self-catering accommodation by Christine’s super friendly farm manager, and thereafter set out to explore. And what an experience lay in store for us. The very gentle giants that Christine and her husband Peter breed and care for at OM are breath taking animals. The Percheron is a draught horse that as an adult is usually white in colour, and they are TALL! With strong muscular physiques and striking long manes and tails, they are simply beautiful to look at, but what I found so special was the interaction we were able to enjoy with them. Each has his or her unique and special personality so one can easily spend quite some time getting to know them all. The foals that are bred here are very much in touch with their human carers right from the start of their lives, so these horses are friendly and accommodating. We were able to sit on them, lie on them, move around them, groom them, and basically just be with them for any amount of time! They really did seem to enjoy the interaction as much as we did.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a cart ride to a scenic viewpoint, courtesy of Mr Robert Tobbs, affectionately known as Bobby. Bobby is an amazing specimen of a Percheron, and STRONG! He likes encouragement, so this cart ride is a fun and noisy affair, with passengers cheering enthusiastically for Bobby who absolutely feels the excitement!

Sunset at Outeniqua Moon closed an amazing day. Sitting outside on green lawns with kids splashing about merrily in the pool, surrounded by peace and mountains, one feels the magic of OM. There are various cats and dogs strolling around as well as all the horses, and the kids love the bunny hutch, where they can feed and hold little bunnies to their hearts’ content. Two cheeky miniature horses complete the picture. Since our first experience at OM, we’ve been back many times. One can stay in one of the wonderful cottages, or go for day visits. And the stunning meals that are produced in Christine’s kitchen (from freshly baked bread to tea parties with Robert Tobbs to festive lunches) make one feel as if for that moment, there really is nothing else one could desire.


Written by Janet Neilson



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