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When I opened the hamper of Nature Soap products I’d been sent to review, I was pleasantly surprised by how many products are in the range! In addition to Soap Nuts (which was all I was expecting) the range includes: African Black Soap Shower Gel, Soap Nut Dishwashing Liquid, Soap Nut All Purpose Cleaner, Natural Laundry Bleach, Soap Nut Laundry Powder, Wool Dryer Balls and Soap Nut Liquid. Every product is certified organic and has an understated simplicity in its packaging that perfectly suits the subtle scents and gentleness on the environment of this range.


Let’s start with the product that’s at the heart of the Nature Soap range and used in some form in most of their products: Soap Nuts.

A soap nut is an all-natural berry that grows wild in India, Indonesia, Nepal & Bali. This 100% natural product effectively replaces chemical washing powder and represents both an economical and ecological alternative. Soap nuts have been used in these parts for 100’s of years, long before modern day soaps were invented.

We LOVE a lot of things about Soap Nuts …

  • Sustainable:It’s a renewable resource, easily grown organically.
  • Eco-Friendly:Less processing, less energy and less packaging PLUS 100% they are biodegradable and safe for greywater systems and can be composted.
  • Affordable:They can replace multiple cleaners, and last longer.
  • Reusable:Each berry can be used up to 6 times – so you will get 13 washes out of a 500g bag.
  • Hypoallergenic:No skin or respiratory irritation and non-toxic. They are NOT actually nuts so safe for those with nut allergies.
  • Gentle & Softening:Their mild nature won’t damage delicate clothing or surfaces and no extra fabric softener needs to be added.
  • Save Water:They rinse easier so require less water.
  • Save Energy:You can use a shorter rinse cycle in your laundry and they work in cold water too.
  • Versatile: Soap Nuts are perfect for DIY cleaning.  Receive your FREE Soap Nut Recipe book by submitting your details here:

Soap Nut All Purpose Cleaner

We really enjoy using the Soap Nut All Purpose Cleaner. It is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean household and outdoor surfaces including counters, appliances, stainless steel, sealed granite, chrome, cook top hoods, sinks and toilets. It cuts through dirt, grime and grease using the natural cleaning power of soap nuts. It is 100% biodegradable and earth-friendly.

We love that this one product has so many applications!  The spray bottle is easy to use and we found the gentle citrus fragrance extremely refreshing and uplifting!

Nature Soap Dishwashing Liquid

The Soap Nut Dishwashing Liquid contains the natural cleaning power of soap nuts. It cuts through dirt and grease, to give you clean and sparkling dishes. It is a natural and safe detergent not only for dishes but it can be used to clean hard surfaces. What’s more, you can use less rinsing due to low sudsing and save on water and energy. It is also greywater safe & septic tank safe.

We love the gentle fragrance and that no residue was left on any of our dishes when using this product!

Nature Soap Laundry Powder

This gently foaming washing powder will leave your laundry soft and clean, without the use of harsh chemicals and bleaches. Soap nuts are actually fruits that contain a substance called saponin; this substance acts just like soap, lifting dirt and grime out of fabrics.

We love the convenience of this Laundry Powder – all the benefits of Soap Nuts with the addition of a little lemon oil to add a bit of fresh fragrance!

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