Essential Earth Remedies – A Very Personal Pampering Experience #Review

Let’s start right off by saying, we LOVE Essential Earth Remedies!

This sublime range was founded by Marinda Thomas, whose personal battle with eczema led her to to discover Mother Nature’s apothecary. Essential Earth Remedies harnesses the sacred healing power of earth’s botanicals and minerals. The range is 100% South African, non-toxic and uses only the purest, ethically sourced ingredients to create lovingly hand crafted products.


If you, like me, have ever stood in front of rows of skin products feeling clueless as to which would suit your skin – then you will LOVE the FREE SKIN ANALYSIS tool on the Essential Earth Remedies website. Simply click to begin – run through some easy to answer questions – and instantly receive your personal skin analysis with products that are perfect for YOUR skin. You can easily add your choice of any or all of the recommended items to your shopping cart. PLUS shipping is free on orders over R500.

The very clever free skin analysis picked up on the complexity of my skin’s needs – and I got to try this unique combination of products.


It’s the first time I’ve used an oil cleanser – and I was a little skeptical. Would my face feel oily and not properly clean?

Trying the Essential Oil Remedies Starflower & Geranium Oil Cleanser was a very pleasant surprise. Hand blended with mother earth’s purest oils, Starflower & Geranium, this unique blend removes impurities in harmony with the skin’s natural oils! IT WORKS! My skin felt toned and brighter.


Just LOVE how you can rub the soothing Harmless Eye Makeup Remover over your entire eye area, giving the lashes and brows a good massage with NO sting, eye irritation or burn whatsoever.

Best of all is that just a gentle wipe with a warm cloth is all it takes to remove all eye make up!

The Orange Flower and Silver Purifying toner was recommended to conclude my cleansing ritual. The ingredients in this marvellous spritz, which you simply spray onto your face and allow to soak in are: soothing orange flower, toning rosemary, healing witch hazel and restorative colloidal silver. WOW! It’s a wonderful fomula to cleanse, rebalance and protect the skin.

The face cream recommended for me in the free skin analysis is also from the HARMLESS range. The ultimate blend of indulgent and premium organic ingredients, this range was formulated carefully to soothe and protect sensitive skin. The Harmless Face Cream face cream is oh so gentle!

Also recommended for my sensitive skin was the soothing and deeply moisturising, fragrant Starflower & Geranium beauty balm. This balm combines the power of earth’s natural anti-inflammatories to leave your skin looking and feeling toned and refreshed. Starflower/ borage oil is a natural anti-inflammatory that soothes and protects, while geranium tightens and promotes radiant, balanced skin. I LOVE the fragrance and massage it generously into my face at night for a gorgeously scented soothing treatment while I sleep!

HONESTLY, my skin has not looked or felt this good before. A simple daily cleansing routine has my skin looking as if it has had a professional facial!

Handbag MUST HAVES from Essential Earth Remedies

This gorgeous SWEET RELIEF healing salve is packed with moisture & nutrients.

Featuring Lanolin and Baobab Oil- this salve can be used on winter lips, cracked knuckles and breastfeeding mums to name a few. 

CALM Aromatherapy Roll On is an aromatherapy blend formulated to calm the nervous system. Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil. Essential Oils of Lavender, Chamomile, Neroli, Palmarosa, Sweet Basil & Vetiver

  • Lavender is a wonderfully calming oil and has been shown to assist with anxiety, depression and insomnia
  • Chamomile fights anxiety and alleviates stress
  • Neroli contains stress & insomnia reducing properties, as well as alleviates anxiety

RESCUE Aromatherapy Roll On is an aromatherapy blend formulated to support the adrenal system.


Grapeseed Oil. Essential Oils of Melissa, Rosemary, Clary Sage, Pine, Black Pepper & Peppermint

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