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Bee Natural – Essential to Life

There is one common thread linking all the fabulous facial skincare products from Bee Natural:  they are all 100% natural, and borrow from that most pretty insect in our world – the humble and invaluable bee. I was fortunate enough to try some of the products in the Bee Natural range, and I loved every single one of them!

Bee Natural soap

The handmade soap bar is fragrance free and foams up nicely – I loved using it and it lasted for ages! Some glycerine soaps can disappear into a soggy remnant quite quickly, but this one did not. This soap is labelled old fashioned, and it does indeed have all the wonderful qualities of yesteryear! No chemicals! Just the contribution from the bees, and essential oils.

Bee Natural Face Scrub

The gentle face scrub is the nicest scrub I have ever used – one scoops a dollop out of the pot with a little wooden spoon and applies it to the face; the particles are very fine and they then morph into a creamy cleanser! It is as gentle as it professes to be, and leaves skin feeling smooth and nourished. It’s infused with rose essential oil and smells divine.

Bee Natural Cleansing Balm

This cleanser smells luxurious and feels amazing – my face felt squeaky clean after use.

Bee Natural Face Toner

I could smell the apple cider vinegar in this balancing face toner and I could feel the astringent qualities thereof, and the scent of rose was subtlely present too. It’s very refreshing.

Bee Natural Liquid Gold

This is a blend of essential oils that smoothes over skin like silk.

Bee Natural Face Balm

The pollen in this face balm contains vitamins and amino acids and it leaves skin feeling completely hydrated and creamy!

Bee Natural Clay Mask

One applies any amount of this delectable clay mask that’s comfortable, and then can feel it tightening albeit gently over the skin. The base is bentonite clay, and again, skin feels so smooth after gently removing with warm damp cotton wool.


All Bee Natural products are certified organic and are suitable for all skin types, and all ages. I highly recommend these wonderful products – they are truly special!

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