Inspire Your Workplace


Inspiration is a deciding factor in the workplace, which can increase productivity, uplift morale and bring balance to complicated situations or relationships.

Employee wellness initiatives are an investment not only into individuals but the business as a whole. Performance levels rise and absenteeism is reduced when staff members are nourished and have their needs met. A need of every human being is to live according to their life’s purpose, to fulfil their destiny. When those in the workplace realise and fully comprehend how their current situation is assisting them in their life’s purpose, they are inspired every day to pursue their duties because they can see the bigger picture.

Inspired People:

  • Know their purpose
  • Are productive
  • Bounce back from life’s challenges
  • Radiate enthusiasm
  • Thrive in life

Why is Inspiration tricky to maintain?
Some people experience sparks of inspiration occasionally but most can count on their one hand how many times they have witnessed this feeling inside themselves. Why is inspiration so difficult to maintain? It all rests upon Perception. We see the world not as it is but as we believe it to be. Often, our sense of self is our perception of the opinions projected onto us by people in our close environment. Such beliefs are limiting.

Dr John Demartini, human behaviour specialist, has studied enzyme pathways in depth in correlation with perceptions. He noticed that depending on which way the perception swayed so there was accelerated and retarded cell development. When we are stressed our blood supply goes to our most primitive part of our brain, and when we are relaxed our blood supply goes to the more evolved part of our brain. This is fact; it has been documented. The message here is that the more you activate the primitive part of your brain and physiology, the more you degenerate. Likewise, when you grow and develop, you evolve.

A Formula for Inspiration

The good news is that you do have a choice. In every moment lies the opportunity to remain as you are or to opt for a life of growth and transformation. You can release yourself from being hooked into yesterday’s stories by making a conscious choice to do so. By creating successful stories for yourself, you empower your future. Max Planck, the physicist, said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Journaling is a powerful tool to set a notion in motion. Tonight, just before you go to sleep, write down a few sentences that answer these questions:

  1. Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?
  2. What will you be spending most of your time doing, in 3 years?
  3. Who will be sharing this experience with you?
  4. Describe the surroundings, the smells, the sounds etc.
  5. How do you feel in this experience?

Practice is key to establishing new habits that are beneficial for you, and those around you. What do you decide right now? Are you willing to let life slip by you for fear of the unknown? Are you going to be victim of your story? Or do you want to be the creator of your destiny? The choice is yours.


Helen Hansen, a Transformational Facilitator, hosts ‘Inspire Your Workplace’ workshops and presentations for companies to empower their staff.  Using a range of mindful techniques alongside creative dramatics, Helen guides individuals through a self-enrichment programme which breaks down destructive patterns and builds up habits that are beneficial for the person and the company.

Helen has a background in Developmental Psychology, Mind-Body Techniques, Right Brain Optimisation, Creative Performing Arts and is the first Birth into Being facilitator in South Africa.

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