Children are like Spring Blossoms

As Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote: “Nothing is so beautiful as spring.” At this time of the year when flowers colour our world and new life brings change, pause for a moment and consider how precious your children are . . .

Like spring blossoms children are magnificent and delicate.
They can be broken so easily if not properly cared for.
They make our world complete.
They hold the promise of new life.
They fill our hearts with joy.
They are only with us for a short time.
They give us hope for the future.
Be inspired to enjoy your children while you nurture their delicate souls.
Together with your youngsters, clear out old habits and clutter to make way for the new. Decide to stop criticising, shouting, rushing, pressurising, nagging, or shaming your children.
Bring positive energy and thoughts into your life. Apologise to your offspring for the times you have hurt them and promise to be there for them by listening and supporting them. “The best inheritance a person can give to his children is a few minutes of his time each day.” O. A. Battista. It is never too late to begin anew.
All our children really need and want are parents who can be present, consciously, connecting with them and giving them unconditional love and attention.
“The most lasting honours of all are those which your own family bestows on you.” O.A. Battista.

By Claire Marketos

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