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Your family guide to health and happiness! Bookmark our fab health articles and favourite products. Watch our Green Event Guide and our fave picks of blogs & sites. We also have gallery of Green Stars, to inspire you!

What shade of green is your home? Our articles, product recommendations, home product guide and shortcut to GREAT online shopping sites will help you create a more sustainable, eco-friendly, energy-saving and cost effective home.

Every parent needs to hear words of inspiration from time to time! From family planning & pregnancy to birth and beyond… we’ll share excellent current articles & options that encourage well-being for all!

Whether you’re planning a holiday, day trip or going out for a meal, we’ll share our best travel articles loaded with tips, family friendly accommodation, and restaurants and even help you capture the memories!

Daphne, Protector of the Forest, shares the most amazing videos full of ideas, information and good green stuff!!

Amazing people and initiatives making our world a shade greener with inspiring ideas – for the good of our children & our earth.

What’s for dinner? Healthy, thrifty and quick recipes for your family… breakfast ideas, snacks, drinks, salads, light meals and even sweet treats.

Let’s face it… families COST moolah!…We’ll find the most amazing green family deals and offers and FABULOUS GIVEAWAYS for your family! .


Helping families go ‘green’ since 2007!

Our journey started 9 years ago! We were mamas with new-borns, desperate for a bit of guidance.  We knew that there were innovative and eco-friendly baby products out there, but were clueless where to find them.

Necessity really is the mother of invention … we sourced products and articles that ‘felt good’ to us, inspired us and helped us survive and decided to share them!  So the Survival Guide for Families magazine was born.

By the time the babies, who’d suckled while we burnt the midnight oil doing layouts, started ‘Big School’, we discovered that they weren’t the only things that had changed.  The world was a very different place!

It was time for us to change too!  Even eco paper did not feel light enough on the planet and totally unnecessary in a technologically changed world where sharing information quickly and inexpensively is possible.

So here we are, your green family guide to help your whole family thrive!

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What’s New

Now is the Time for Insights on Fireplaces and Heating!

Having the right fireplace or fireplaces in your home can bring an elemental warmth that not only heats your home, […]

Dan Hunt – Passionately Preserving the Environment

South African born Dan Hunt is a passionate supporter of environmental and social upliftment projects. Dan Hunt was inspired to […]

Johnny Snyman – Protecting and Restoring our Freshwater Lakes

Johnny Snyman is the founding director of Invasive Fish Species Management (IFSM). Johnny has a 15-year marine background as a […]

The Renaissance of Fun – Reviving Your Outdoor Spaces

From the elaborate follies scattered through the world’s more lavish gardens, to secret garden nooks and playful mazes, the idea […]

Your Perfect Bedroom Oasis – How to Design It!

Today, our lives are a whirlwind of activity as we rush through the day ticking off the lengthy to-do list […]

Matt Kroll – Creating and Promoting Self Built Solutions

Matt Kroll is one of the founding members of the Green Net, having been involved from the beginning, initially as […]

World Sleep Day – A Guide to Good Sleep Routines!

World Sleep Day aims to consider and aid those who have sleep problems. It is useful for educating people all […]

Basil Pesto Linguine with Tomato

Ingredients 1 onion diced 60ml vegetable oil 1 tbsp garlic chopped 500g linguine 100ml white wine 3 tbsp basil pesto […]

Herbed Gnocchi

Fresh herbs can take a dish from good to great. Whether fresh or dried, adding herbs is an easy way […]

Art Competition – Calling Young Eco-Warriors!

AET Africa have launched a kids art competition and are on the hunt for great ideas for a greener tomorrow! […]

Fig & Blue Cheese Skewers

I am not ready to let summer slip through my fingers, so I’m going to stretch it a bit longer […]

Thoughtful Gifts – Ethical, Eco-Friendly & Meaningful!

Wouldn’t you love to give and receive truly thoughtful gifts this Festive Season? Christmas festivities have become greatly commercialised with […]

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