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The Founder of the World’s First Covid-Protective Shirt Gives Back to Little Eden!

Much more than just an establishment for those with special needs, Little Eden is a place of warmth. It is […]

Waste and Landfill – Doing It in a Whole Different Way!

South Africans are no strangers to overcoming adversity and challenges, with the ability to rise from whatever is thrown their […]

IFSM – Innovating, Initiating, and Conserving

Invasive Fish Species Management (IFSM) is a non-profit company (NPC) whose primary function is aimed towards the conservation of freshwater […]

Now is the Time for Insights on Fireplaces and Heating!

Having the right fireplace or fireplaces in your home can bring an elemental warmth that not only heats your home, […]


Let’s explore one of humanity’s most famous guilty pleasures …. chocolate! What do you really know about the prettily packaged […]

Recovering from Covid? Here are Some Nutrition Tips to Assist You

COVID-19 has impacted infected people in different ways. Some have been asymptomatic, many have had mild cases, some have had […]

Help Create a Community Garden in Masi – A Labour of Love

Yandiswa Mazwane – affectionately known as Mamma Yandi ­– is one of those incredible women who works tirelessly for their […]

Dan Hunt – Passionately Preserving the Environment

South African born Dan Hunt is a passionate supporter of environmental and social upliftment projects. Dan Hunt was inspired to […]

Johnny Snyman – Protecting and Restoring our Freshwater Lakes

Johnny Snyman is the founding director of Invasive Fish Species Management (IFSM). Johnny has a 15-year marine background as a […]

SA’s Skateboarding Gold Medallist Signed Up as Youth Ambassador for SA Bone Marrow Registry

South African-born professional skateboarder and passionate stem cell donor Jean-Marc Johannes will actively be encouraging youth this month to join […]