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Could Drinking Tea More Regularly Help Prevent Depression?

The increasing academic and clinical interest in how lifestyle factors typically associated with physical health may also impact mental health, […]

Living with Fire – It’s our New Reality

In the wake of the devastating Devil’s Peak fire in Cape Town in April this year, community-environmental NPO Parkscape raises […]

Disability Connect and the CSIR Inspire Students for Workplace Readiness!

The latest in the series of Disability Connect’s Workplace Readiness events took place at Kempton Panorama, where 30 senior students […]

Sustainable Fashion – What Are You Wearing?

This green guide to sustainable fashion considers WHY and HOW to include fashion choices in your conscious living mix! From […]

Chefs with Compassion Partner with SYSPRO to Tackle Food Crisis

As food rescue organisation Chefs with Compassion (CWC) celebrates its 2 million meal milestone since launching in May 2020, software […]

Oryx Desert Salt Bringing the Kalahari to Whole Foods USA!

After many years of growing the brand locally and internationally, in October 2021 Oryx Desert Salt will be one of […]

A Peek Into a REAL Montessori Classroom

Most often one does not find the teacher at a desk when peeking into a Montessori pre or junior school […]

Starbucks Takes Another Big Sustainability Step With Circular Cups

After launching the Starbucks Circular Cup in the UK in August 2020, Starbucks is scaling up the reusable cup programme worldwide […]

Boerewors with Polenta and Chunky Roasted Red Pepper Salsa

Today in South Africa we celebrate Heritage Day, also fondly known as National Braai Day. Elite South African Ironman Africa […]

It’s Time for Big School – How to Get Ready!

For parents and children, the step up into Grade 1 (or big school!) is a time of excitement – but […]