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Pumpkin Spiced Doughnuts

What I love the most about this Pumpkin Spiced Doughnuts recipe is that it combines pumpkin fritters, a traditional South African […]

Spiced Hot Chocolate Truffles

The best thing to warm you up on a bitterly cold night is a magnificent mug of steaming hot chocolate. […]

Wonderful Winter Recipes to Melt the Soul

We may not get much snow in the winter here in South Africa, but the howling winds, icy temperatures and […]

Noordhoek Art Point Launches its First Showcase

Noordhoek Art Point will be holding its very first showcase event on Women’s Day (Tuesday 9 August) from 10am – […]

Sustainabrations – Ways to Party and Celebrate Sustainably!

We all love celebrations and everything they come with. A slice of cake, a smile and perhaps a little bit […]

Earth Cycler is Leading the Way in Organic Waste Management

Organic waste recycling is starting to take off in Gauteng, with a number of large businesses looking to maximise their […]

How to Support Someone with Depression

There’s more to living with depression than having an off day or feeling blue. Depression is a mental illness that […]

Boost Your Pet’s Wellness with Healthy Treats and Care

For most pet owners, their much-loved furry companion is one of the family. That means that our quest for healthy […]

Circular Homes – Giving Back to Nature

Growing up in a nature loving family, Natashia de Wet felt compelled to build a brighter environmental future for her […]

Join the #67000litres Soup Challenge for Mandela Day

Chefs with Compassion is launching its third annual #67000litres Mandela Day soup cooking challenge to home cooks, soup kitchens, corporates, […]