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The 17th of September is National Recycling Day in South Africa, and while many of us are great at recycling our plastics, papers, glasses and tins, did you know that you can also recycle all of your organic waste? Organic waste is anything that was once alive – food waste and plant waste!

As of 2022 the Western Cape Landfill ban of organic waste comes into effect. This new policy will require a 50% reduction in the landfilling of organic waste by 2022 and a full 100% reduction by 2027.

“We need to rethink waste!” says Melanie Ludwig from The Organics Recycling Association of South Africa (ORASA). “In the Western Cape more than 40% of all waste delivered to landfills is organic waste. By recycling our organic waste into compost, we have the power to reverse climate change and replenish the health of our soils!” Karen Heron from Earth Probiotic shares her gardening journey with us, and the vitality of fermented organic matter!

To help you on your composting journey, Earth Probiotic will be giving 2 lucky readers each an Earth Bokashi Recycling Kit valued at R500.

The kits consists of two Earth Bokashi recycling bins (fill one then use the other during the two weeks post filling fermentation period). All food waste can be added into the bin including cooked and raw food, meat, seafood, citrus and egg shells. Each Earth Bokashi bin can hold about 16kg of food waste. You will use approximately 400-500 grams Earth Bokashi per 25L Earth Bokashi bin. Each Earth Bokashi bin includes a lid, tap and internal strainer. Instructions are printed on the bin.

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