Recycled Gifts – Transformed Beauties!

The whole idea of recycled gifts is just awesome! When you think of Recycled Gifts, forget re-gifting the unwanted gift from last year and think of brilliantly creative ways of breathing fresh life and beauty into items that might otherwise have ended up in landfill!

We are splitting this feature into two sections:

  • Recycled gifts you can make at home yourself – coz let’s face it NOTHING beats receiving a gift that has been handmade with love and care.
  • Recycled gifts that you can purchase online – you won’t believe the quality of items that are being created from ‘trash’!

Recycled Gifts – DIY

Packaged Perfectly!

Forget expensive, SINGLE USE plastic coated wrapping paper – making paper bags for your gifts is fun and easy to do. Follow this simple tutorial to create festive magic with your choice of paper. Hand painted artworks can be worked into the designs too. If you would prefer to wrap your gifts, these are awesome green gift wrapping alternatives for you!


Why spend a ton on gifts when you can go green???

Well that is a really good question asked on . And why share a hundred links to different crafts when there are 101 fabulous projects on this page!

“The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist.”                                                                                                            

– Ananda Coomaraswamy.

Recycled Gifts – Buy Online

Look at these STUNNING recycled gifts! It is amazing what’s being created through creative upcycling & recycling initiatives! Gift your eco-conscious loved ones with these epic gifts that have all been made using materials that would have otherwise gone to waste and ended up in landfill!


Etsy is a treasure trove of recycled gifts ideas to suit all tastes and all budgets! If you are looking for eco-friendly gifts – we’ve found the perfect spot. Etsy is the ultimate site for festive season gifting! WOW – we literally got lost for hours exploring the amazingly creative and fabulous products!


Are any of your besties cycling crazy?  Then they’ll be sure to love Ciovita’s exclusive upcycled bicycle tube products!  Made from old discarded bicycle tubes, Ciovita’s Tube Wallets and Tube Pouches make the perfect gift!


Uzwelo Bags focuses on what we CAN do instead of what we can’t.  Their RPET bag range is made from recycled plastic bottles and each bag is uniquely handmade by local women, empowering them so that they provide for their families and these recycled gifts uplift their communities.  Buy a bag from Uzwelo and you buy for the future of South Africa!


Down2TheWire jewellery is exceptionally unique – all the pieces are made from animal snares that have been removed from the bush.  The brand strives to create awareness around poaching and a portion of the funds raised are made available to veterinarians working in the field of anti-poaching.  A gift from Down2TheWire is more than a gift, it’s a symbol and act of support for our wildlife.


For your yogi friends and gym buddies, Spiritgirl is a truly eco-friendly activewear brand for adventurous spirit sisters and eco warriors. Using a special, innovative fabric made from recycled plastic bottles (PET) woven with spandex. The result is super-stretchy, quick-drying and practical workout gear with 50% UVP that looks and feels simply gorgeous! Subscribe to their newsletter when you order online and get 10% off your first purchase!


Lily Label offers beautifully designed, conscious and sustainable swimsuits that will make the perfect gift for a hot summer this year.  Shop the Earth Angel collection for ethical and eco-conscious luxury swimwear that ascribes to ethical production practices, all from using Italian Lycra made from recycled waste. From mix and match bikinis to one-pieces or bodysuits, these versatile and ethical designs are sure to make a splash!


Always a favourite go-to for Green Shopping, Faithful to Nature also has a number of really cool recycled gifts on offer! Everything in their online store is sustainable – so shop away!

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