NO MORE NURSERY! Redecorating a room for your toddler ……

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Converting your baby’s bedroom into a room more suited to the needs of a growing child can be daunting for many reasons – not the least of which because you have to face the reality that your baby is growing up – and all too fast! Instead of a bundle of blankets in a cot you have a fiercely independent toddler with very specific needs. But a new developmental phase deserves a new look, especially if your nursery had a particularly strong baby signature. The good news is your DIY doesn’t have to break the bank, and developing a look that will retain its appeal into your child’s early teens [at least] is quite achievable if tackled cleverly. The mission should be to find a compromise when transforming a nursery – it should still inject some personality and the fun that a toddler room needs but retain a design sensibility that resonates with the parents.

Consider these practical tips from Prominent Paints – a company that is all about making it better when it comes to paint and DIY – and in this case helping you transition your baby’s room into a safe sleep and play area for your child:

  • Keep your toddler room gender neutral – it will hold its appeal for longer.
  • Choose a timeless wall colour that will last through years of decorating changes and add splashes of colour to furniture and shelves to bring the room to life.
  • Consider using some chalkboard paint on a small section of wall and give your toddler permission to express their creativity.
  • It’s important to have a lot of open floor space for your toddler to play and explore safely. If a child’s room is too full of stuff, there’s no space to enjoy playing in the room. Remove anything you no longer use that is taking up space. For example, if you have a feeding chair – replace it with a painted wooden table and chair set. Toddlers love to draw and the inclusion of this furniture choice will go a long way towards the development of a contented child.
  • Typical baby rooms are littered with pink or blue paintings of giraffes, fluffy lambs, ducks, and teddy bears so you will need you to change up the artwork on the walls. Consider full wall murals, wall paper, or decals that are combined with stencil art to complete the look. Add more appropriate pictures and paint frames in colours that work with the new palette of the room. Consider removing the mounts and glass from large photo frames and place them over an image that has been painted on the wall for some fun.
  • Another way to decorate DIY style is to paint oversized wooden letters that either spell your child’s name – or just their initials – or make up words like Fun, Smile, or Cool Kid. Raw untreated wood with just the lower halves of the letters dipped in paint can also look effective. Add a varnish to seal – matt or shine.
  • You can even paint and upholster baby furniture for a fresh big-kid look. Consider converting your changing station into a storage unit. Change the handles too. If you are able to convert your cot into a bed – paint it in a fresh colour that signifies the change from cot to toddler bed. Get new linen to mark their graduation into – for example – a “big boy bed”.
  • Include shelves that are low enough for your child to reach so they can access toys and books without constantly needing your help. Paint in the same colour as the wall or provide contrast with a bold injection of colour.
  • Include a soft rug or carpeting where the textures and surfaces are comforting and good for curling up with a book or puzzle or simply playing on the floor. Consider adding some big throw pillows near the bookcase (if you have one).

Toddler's bedroom

With these simple tips and tricks you are sure to transform your little one’s room into something quite special and suited to the needs of a busy toddler; a room where they will make childhood memories.  Classic, clever and comfortable – yet toddler cool. Of course safety remains priority number one so make sure your fearless toddler can’t hurt themselves in their new room.

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