Safe & Healthy Cleaning Products? The entire portfolio of 63 Green Worx products is Global GreenTag, PHD and HealthRATE certified.

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Green Worx Cleaning Solutions has achieved one of the highest health and safety profile ratings of any cleaning product on the South African market. The newly issued Global GreenTag certification awarded to Green Worx Cleaning Solutions enables their customers to make safe, healthy product choices with confidence.

This unique peer reviewed Certification Program reduces risk and builds brand trust in demanding markets.

The assessments are conducted under GreenTag’s PHD (Product Health Declaration) programme and addresses the increasing number of indoor impact studies highlighting the need to provide a more thorough and transparent product assessment for people who suffer with asthma and allergies. This is achieved by ranking each product with a tiered rating system of HealthRATE outcomes that provides peace of mind for the end user.

Healthy Product Choices!

Global GreenTag PHDTM is recognised by the WELL Building Standard TM, Green Globes® Construction and Interiors Rating Tools, and compliant and recognised in the LEED® Product Disclosure Credits internationally.

The Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration™ or GreenTag PHD™ Communicating Product Transparency – is the ­first of its kind in South Africa and the world.

This certification awarded to Green Worx Cleaning Solutions is a tool that proves to their market that their products are healthy, and that Green Worx has interpreted product toxicity data so professionals don’t have to. Green Worx uses a simple easy-to-understand colour key to explain risk, which includes identifying risk and how it is mitigated (or not). Green Worx’s willingness to be 100% transparent as the leaders they are is promoted and recognised by this certification. Green Worx provides plain language explanations of health or environmental toxicity implications. The HealthRATE Trademark rates Green Worx products for ‘In Use Health‘.

A GreenTag PHD™ certification proves that products are safe for human health and ecosystems, and can be used with absolute peace of mind in workplaces and homes. Green Worx products also reduce risks for Building, Design, Procurement & Construction Professionals, as well as for Company Directors who need to discern robustly but easily between products that support user and occupant health and wellbeing, and those that don’t.

The HealthRATE™ mark rates the Healthiness of Products in Use for end users

HealthRATE™ Tags are used independently on product packaging and in all marketing collateral. The tiered marks of HealthRATE™ provide peace of mind for end users as to the likely health impacts (if any) of the products they use in their daily lives, whether that be at work, at home, in the nursery, in hotels or out and about using public amenities.

Their certification is suitable for the following product sectors:

• Personal & Beauty

• Healthcare & Sanitary

• Building & Interiors

• Baby & Nursery

• Commercial & Domestic Cleaning

• Hospitality & Tourism

• Building Operations & Maintenance

The entire portfolio of 63 Green Worx products is Global GreenTag, PHD and HealthRATE certified. These Green Worx products are determined as healthy for use using the best science available. ALL the results are peer reviewed by highly qualified external consultant toxicologists to ensure that the results can be trusted. HealthRATE™ Marks are also available with Global GreenTag’s Product Health Declarations (PhDs), which include full ingredient hazard transparency reports recognised by the International WELL™ Building Standard v1 and v2, as well as LEED v4.0 and v4.1.

Global Greentag Health Rate – asthma and allergy non sensitive

This certification enables the decision makers an easier and safer product choice for people with asthma and allergies brought on by other cleaning chemicals.

Global GreenTag’s International Asthma and Allergy Non-Sensitive claim and HealthRATE marks indicate dramatically safer asthma and allergy risk potential and rate the healthiness of products in use for the end user.

The Global Greentag Health Rate certification is a unique robust certification undertaken in combination with product health declarations and health rate healthiness in use. These ratings that together reduce consumer and manufacturer risk and build trust in Green Worx Cleaning Solutions products.

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