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I have long been aware of the industrial cleaning products available from Green Worx Cleaning Solutions, and also of their stellar work of raising awareness in that field, but I didn’t know until recently that they had a household range of cleaners too. So as soon as I found out, I hastened off to try them! I was not disappointed! The range consists of five products, and it’s literally all you need to keep your home clean and happy and green!

Laundry powderThe Odorite Ultra Laundry Powder comes in a large (useful and reusable) 2.5kg container. This is an effective washing powder – my clothes came out beautifully clean, and stains didn’t seem to present a problem, even though I only wash in cold water. So interesting – the granules are slightly sticky, so as to prevent any inhalation of fine dust whilst doing the laundry!



Dishwashing liquidThe Odorite Ultra Dishwashing liquid proved to be an effective dishwashing liquid, leaving dishes squeaky clean! I didn’t use more than I would of any other ordinary liquid. We love the very subtle fragrance; much nicer than the overpowering ones to which we are accustomed. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, this is a seriously valuable cleaning agent – and it didn’t dry out my hands either!



Grime away all purpose cleanerThe Odorite Grime Away All Purpose Cleaner has a lovely fresh citrus fragrance (there’s extract of orange peels in there!) and can be used literally anywhere in the home. It can be safely used on any washable surface, either in- or outdoors. It comes in a handy spray bottle, and sprays a foam as opposed to a liquid. We love that this foam works amazingly well to remove hard-to-handle errors such as chewing gum or prestik too!



green worx all surface kitchen cleanerOdorite Ultra All Surface Kitchen Cleaner is also a foamy spray, and is designed specifically for the grease and grime of the kitchen. This cleaner uses a unique dual technology which is amazing in breaking down fats. I used this on my counters, my stove top and my kitchen floor, all with equal success!



green worx bathroom cleanerThe Biotech Bathroom Cleaner sanitises and deodorises the bathroom beautifully! We love the citrusy fragrance of this sanitiser and deodoriser. This foamy spray gets into all the cracks and crevices in the bathroom, eating away any bacteria that may be trying to hide away. Leaves bathroom feeling fresh and happy. Tip: because we’re all trying to save water, if you’re not flushing your loo every time, a quick spray of this bathroom cleaner in your loo keeps things smelling clean!


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