Green Family

30 Ways to Show You’re a Green Family!

1. Recycle everything you can
2. Donate old items to charities or sell them at a garage sale
3. Have a swap party with friends for kid’s toys and clothes
4. If something breaks, repair it instead of replacing it whenever you can
5. Turn off the lights when you leave a room
6. Buy local, fresh produce if possible
7. Buy organic when possible or better yet, grow your own veggies
8. Plant a tree for a birthday or anniversary
9. Turn off your computer at night
10. Use eco-friendly cleaning products
11. Don’t use disposable water bottles – carry a reusable stainless steel bottle
12. Reuse paper: cut it up and make scratch pads for home, the office or school
13. Unplug all appliances when you aren’t using them
14. Avoid individually-wrapped food and drink items when possible
15. Walk or ride your bicycle instead of taking the car for short trips
16. Buy the smallest car you can that will serve your family’s needs
17. Make compost with your organic waste and use it for fertiliser
18. Pay your bills online
19. Take shorter showers or shallower baths
20. Only run the dishwasher when it is full
21. Buy produce that is in-season
22. When possible, choose items that are available in refillable containers
23. Reuse the net bags that onions are sold in. You can reuse the bags when you buy produce; or you can collect several, wind them into a tight ball, and use as a scouring pad
24. Use rechargeable batteries whenever possible
25. Reuse boxes, bubble wrap, and packing “peanuts” for shipping items
26. Reuse gift boxes, ribbons, and wrapping paper to wrap future gifts or for arts and crafts projects
27. Rent, borrow, or share items that you use only occasionally
28. Water lawns at night during the warm months to eliminate evaporation
29. Repair leaks and drips as soon as they occur – a moderate drip wastes a lot of water
30. Re use your grocery bags or buy a canvas bag you can carry your groceries in

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