Gifts for Your Home & Garden – With a Green Twist!

Gifts for the home and garden are generally enduring and really useful. Your thoughtful green gift could even help the recipient make positive lifestyle changes!

Some of our favourite gift ideas for a greener home and garden!


100% non-toxic, planet and people friendly paint, wood care and household products.  It might sound like a boring gift, but your green friends will most definitely appreciate it!  ProNature is a proudly South African company that offers affordable, trusted service with over 40 years of German paint-chemistry expertise.  The smooth coverage, long lasting durability and extraordinary finishes match that of any conventional premium paint or sealer, but all without the toxic odours, residues and chemicals!

The ProNature vision is a colourful world, where healthy planet and people friendly products are the norm. 

Create your norm with ProNature today and give your eco-conscious friends the ultimate gift!

The ProNature Furniture Care Set is the perfect kit to maintain your timber furniture and is made from all natural ingredients and oils.  Read this article for the best advice on DIY Wood Care from the experts!


For all things “braai” MegaMaster is THE master!  From braai grids, fireplaces, braai accessories and their famous all natural non-toxic Rhino Balls, if you’re needing an eco gift for some of the “green men” in your life this will be your one stop shop.  Make sure to check out their recently launched MegaMaster gift cards for the perfect gift this Christmas!


Becoming waste-wise is one of the most important things when it comes to greening our homes, and PostWink makes managing a waste conscious home so much easier!

Offering a wide selection of recycling bins, compost bins and bokashi bins as well as environmentally friendly bulk cleaning products, PPE, a beautiful range of reusable products (such as the stunning Halo dish covers) and more! If you are uncertain what to choose – a Postwink Gift Voucher is a great idea!


A Can Crusher is the perfect gift for anybody who drinks anything from a can! Beer, sodas, mixers – really, every braai should have one of these handy Aluminium Can Crushers!  It wraps easily, looks good, works like a dream … Most importantly, your Can Crusher helps to reduce space in your recycling bag and assists the reclaimers perform their function.

Follow the link to their Facebook page or contact Joan 0832667953 to place your order!


Wanting to earn themselves a little extra pocket money, 11 and 13 year old siblings took it upon themselves to start their very own business, crafting unique advent calendar houses (one house for each day in December) and gorgeous LED Christmas decor

The beautiful advent calendar houses add a special twist to your regular advent calendar and can be reused year after year. The TinselTown houses include 6 battery powered LED tealights and not only bring magic for Christmas but they can also be used at any occasion that needs a bit of atmosphere!

These gorgeous gifts can be purchased online!


Hotspot is a nifty product that will save energy and money on water heating!  It can be retrofitted on any conventional geyser, guaranteeing faster hot water whilst saving you 27% energy!  An affordable gift that will save the lucky recipient a fortune. Contact your nearest distributor to order!

What could be better than giving a gift that will not only last a long time, but will also GROW or HELP them to grow gorgeous greens!


If they are not composting yet, you’ll be doing them a big favour if you gift them a Bokashi Bin! Many people resist composting because they fear it is difficult and needs lots of space. Using a Bokashi Bin is easy and needs the smallest space – simply put food waste into the bin.  Add Earth Bokashi microbe mix.  Close the lid. And you’re done!! A fabulous green gift idea indeed!


RainQueen South Africa are excited about the many ways in which corrugated steel can be used and pride themselves in delivering a variety of beautiful products!    From water tanks and reservoirs to garden planters, raised beds, ponds and poolsGift your home and garden this Christmas with RainQueen’s handy product range!


A green home takes some careful planning! We’ve found the perfect gift to guide your green fingered friends every step of the way. The 2021 Sustainable Living Diary, along with the 13th edition of the unique Planting Calendar and Garden Guide are perfect tools to help your eco-warrior friends plan an abundant 2021!   

The 2021 Planting Calendar allows you to plot your garden activities in tune with the phases of the moon. Accompanied by the 3rd edition of Garden Guide, a little A5 garden reference book, which features the rather timeous topic of  “Seeds and Food Security”.  Covering all aspects of what one needs to plant your very own seeds: from the basic types to sourcing, saving and exchanging within your community, how to germinate, harvest and store, some edibles to explore the connection to your kitchen, where abundance can be preserved.

The Sustainable Living Diary offers so much more than your regular daily planner ever could. Within these pages you will find a large variety of useful tips and exciting, interesting concepts to implement. Going beyond the garden where self sustainability extends to touch all sorts of aspects of our daily lives.


A gift of a tree is very special and symbolises love, protection, good fortune and beauty. Created with love by Jenni Rowe, Heartwood Trees bring you the opportunity to gift your family and friends with beautiful indigenous saplings that will grow into majestic trees for years to come.  


Eco-Greens Superfood Grow Boxes make excellent gifts for anyone (green fingered or not!) because they are EASY.  The boxes are made from biodegradable material and filled with seeds.  All you need to do is add some water, watch as your microgreens grow and then harvest within 7 days! Order online today.


Fresh produce at your doorstep with Vertical Veg!  This is an excellent gift for your fellow garden enthusiasts who might be struggling with space.  The Vertical Veg ready-to-use pocket panels are easy to install, easy to maintain and require very minimal space.  If you have a wall – you can have a garden!


Garden Route author, Susan Torrance’s book, Take Root and Grow, is the perfect edition to any gardener’s book collection.  Jam-packed with information on planting, composting, soil preparation and so much more!  Inspire those green fingers with this handy gardener’s guide! It can be purchased online!

ED’S NOTE: Having a green Christmas is part of keeping a green home!  Make sure to check out our Tips for a Gloriously Green Festive Season!

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