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Promeal is the second largest wet pet food manufacture in South Africa and below is some information on the partners that Promeal have selected to work with in order to be more green! As a wholesome and down to earth business and since their relaunch with a new value set in 2015, Promeal has embarked on a greener journey towards sustainability and being mindful of our beautiful planet.

Promeal as a business has selected to partner with industry leaders in green processes to help us achieve our promise to the planet. They recently partnered with Oxbow ECO Energy which replaced all their neon lighting with more energy efficient LED lights throughout the factory, warehouses and offices. This not only equates to less power generation and a lesser amount of coal usage, but also means Promeal will be emitting a reduced amount of fumes, which in turn reduces hot house gases and can only impact positively on the environment.

A second step towards Promeal’s greener company philosophy comes from its improved Waste Management program. Until recently Promeal’s raw waste was sent to Vissershok dumpsite. Fully aware that South Africa, together with rest of the world, is running out of dumpsites, and aiming for Zero Waste to Landfill, Promeal sought and found a more responsible solution. Agriprotein is a Cape Town based company using German waste farming technology, which instead feeds waste to the flies. The waste eating flies in turn lay larvae, which is rich in oils and protein. These larvae are harvested, sterilised and pressed to extract the oil. The dry materials which remain behind are also rich in protein. The oil is included in animal feed processes and the protein is further utilized as compost. We now not only save profits on waste management by only paying transport costs, but are also contributing to saving the planet by doing our part to keep the country cleaner.

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