Five Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Tips for Greener Living!

Green-living isn’t only about shopping organic and heeding the call to reduce, re-use and recycle. Many responsible home-owners are taking this practice to another level by ensuring their homes are as sustainable as they are beautiful. The decision to renovate offers a golden opportunity to make your living space more eco-friendly. 

If your home is undergoing a make-over why not consider a greener approach by putting the following tips and hints into action:

1.     Paint Responsibly

When deciding on the perfect shade for your walls, be sure to select a brand of paint that is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which have been proven to be harmful to the environment. While green may not be your favourite colour, make sure it defines the impact of your chosen paint on the world around you. 

2.     Power Up with Solar

Recruit the services of the sun in lowering the carbon footprint of your home by investing in solar energy. Skylights and solar panels not only keep the costs of running heaters and air conditioners down, but they also minimise the need for power generated from non-renewable sources.

3.     Sustainable Window Treatments

For sustainable window treatments consider installing eco-friendly shutters in your home. They promote thermal insulation, as well as energy efficiency because of their ability to let more light and heat in during winter for warmth, while keeping the sunshine out in the summer months to keep cool.

Taylor Blinds and Shutters Sheerweave eco-friendly roller blinds are also beneficial to the environment, because they are manufactured using fabric that is safe and natural with minimal chemical content, which may cause harm to our surroundings.

4.     Repurpose for a Purpose

Instead of making use of brand new materials, which require more power from the energy grid to manufacture, why not repurpose existing wood for exquisite kitchen counter tops or bathroom vanities. Not only will you create a one-of-a-kind space in your home, you’ll also help divert valuable resources from landfill.

 5.     Energy Efficiencies

When installing new lightbulbs or appliances be sure to keep it efficient by selecting LED lights, or fridges, washing machines and tumble driers with a green stamp of approval. The less power your home pulls from the national grid, the more you contribute to a sustainable future. 

Make sure your home is as friendly to the environment as it is to your family, because green building practices are a design trend that will NEVER go out of style!

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