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With our DIY Painting Tips you CAN have a beautiful home, well maintained… and the boss is happy too!

Before winter it’s cleaning the gutters, then in spring the boss of the house decides that the garden furniture and decks could really do with a good cleaning. Not stopping there, she even wants to give the whole house a new colourful appearance – and that with only half a dozen different colours!

“Apocalypse is near” could be the first thought entering some poor husband’s mind. But come on guys: It is not so bad! And the cool thing about painting: Rewards are tangible and keeps the better half happy, well at least until next spring!

Select the correct colours

DIY Painting Tip: Leave colour selection to the boss! In fact, we do not give out paint to guys without a consent form from their partner!

She WILL need A LOT of time to choose her desired tint (NB: here the ProNature liquid  samples come in handy!). This gives you more than enough time for all your prep  work.

Let’s see what comes first? Prepared surfaces or confirmed colour selection.

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Guys keep one thing in mind: Those who prepare well will get the results easier!

The old painter’s slogan: Preparation, preparation, preparation.

These should all be done before painting and sealing:

  • Dirty surfaces to be cleaned (ProNature Plant Soap Concentrate) or sanded
  • Loose paint to be removed
  • Holes to be filled
  • Rusted nails to be sealed (to avoid corrosion marks in timber or ugly rust spots on white window frames, etc).
  • Mould to be removed (ProNature Mould Stop). Mould will grow through freshly painted wall and will interfere with adhesion of the new coating if not removed.

Next step is priming

This is mostly relevant in preparation for opaque coatings.

All your patched and filled wall cracks and holes need a layer of primer (ProNature Plaster Primer) which is a must for freshly plastered, not previously coated walls.

For existing coatings just make sure they still adhere well and that surfaces are perfectly clean, dust and grease free.

Glossy enamels will require a light sanding with 80 grit paper to make sure subsequent coatings adhere well.

Ready to swing the paint brush!

TIP: Be sure use high quality brushes & rollers, nothing worse than trying to pick brush hair off the wet surface.

Free style seems cool but use masking tape.

DIY Painting Tip: Remove the covers of light switches and plugs. Saves you time and ensures the neatest finish as per your wife’s specs!

Use a decent drop sheet. We recommend a heavy ProNature Canvas Drop Sheet – it absorbs the paint, does not fly away in the wind, and can be reused again and again!

Once you are all set, put on some lekker music and get started.

Be prepared for a forced pause when your loved one has second thoughts about the choice of colour. It is now up to you to support her! Be gentle and understanding and guide her softly to love her decision.

(Your destiny is in your hands! Back to colour choosing or getting done with it!)

Congrats! You successfully managed the first hurdle.

Stir your paint well and pour enough ProNature Wall & Ceiling paint in a paint tray.

Begin with the 50mm brush to cut in corners and paint the edges. Remember, you do not have to drown this poor little brush in the paint, halfway is more than enough for an even application and you avoid dripping and messy hands.

Now you can start with the roller. Evenly wet the roller in the paint (same applies as with the brush, do not load to heavy to avoid dripping) and apply to the wall.

First roll up and down and then the same area across and once again up and down. With this technique you are guaranteed an even distribution of the paint which will now cover much better too. Do not stop here but finish one wall corner to corner.

DIY Painting Tip: Keep a “wet edge” – don’t allow the first painted area to dry out before painting the next adjoining patch.

This avoids roller marks and colour differences. Apply enough paint to allow the paint to flow out nicely but not too much to avoid ugly runners.

Proceed to the next wall and the next and the next and before you know it the first room is finish!

Leave the paint to dry as per supplier’s recommendation and repeat the whole exercise applying the second layer. Depending on the underlying colour it might even, argh, require a third layer!

So now finally sit back, relax and enjoy your achievement …… one of the best moments ever! Well until the boss discovers you sitting idle and that’s one thing, we know, she does not like to see!

Before you know it you will be asked: And what about the garden furniture and the deck?

Boys do not you worry: All sorted!

Get the high-pressure cleaner out and apply some ProNature Wood Cleaner to your deck, let it sit for a while and simply hose all the dirt off with the high-pressure cleaner.

All the dirt, algae and braai remnants are gone, and the old deck looks like new. For the types that enjoy the greyed decks you may tickle out the original colour with ProNature Wood Reviver – apply, rinse off, klaar!

The more decerning deck & wooden furniture owners, who love their timber, protect their hard work with a choice of colour from the ProNature Outdoor Range. Yes, guys the end is near but like we said earlier…… see you next spring!

All in all, not as huge a task as you might have thought. But do yourself a favour, read instructions and ask for help.

Call ProNature on 021 556 1238 and we may be able to recommend an approved applicator in your area.

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