80’s Décor Revival with VHS Tapes

vhs tapes

Re.Bag.Re.Use is an initiative that was borne in Hout Bay; it started off as a hobby during the Covid-19 lockdown. “The flagship product is a multifunctional bag, crocheted and repurposed from empty bread bags, but as the project is growing and building momentum, additional products are being added to the product range,” shares founder, Regine le Roux. The most recent addition to Re.Bag.Re.Use’s exclusive range, is giving a second life to old VHS tapes and cassette tapes. VHS and cassette tapes are in most cases not recyclable or not accepted by recyclers, therefore repurposing this material is the next best sustainable option.

Textured patternThe tape of the VHS and cassette tapes gives the products a marvellous metallic shimmer, which creates a beautiful textured pattern.

1980’s revivalVHS and cassette tapes are the epitome of the ‘80’s! Re.Bag.Re.Use gives these old tapes a new, beautiful purpose and second lease on life.

SustainabilityLooking after the environment is one of the key factors of the project. Repurposing this material into multifunctional products diverts it from landfill and keeps it out of the environment. The hard black outer covering of the videos are also repurposed into wonderfully retro foot stools!

Rita Ncube, who is one of the Re.Bag.Re.Use artists who crochets with the video tapes shares, “It is incredible to think that something that seems as useless and defunct as an old VHS tape, can be made into something so beautiful!”

The pandemic has had a dire economic impact on many people. Re.Bag.Re.Use provides community members a small way to supplement their incomes with a bit of extra pocket money. It’s not a full time job and the ladies who are part of the initiative are not employed by Re.Bag.Re.Use. They get paid a stipend for crocheting Re.Bag.Re.Use products, which helps them to buy essentials for their households.

A percentage of all the sales also goes to local charities.

There are currently fifteen ladies who are part of the Re.Bag.Re.Use team.

vhs tapes

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