Sally-Ann Creed’s Latest Book Unveiled! The Low Carb Creed

Following on from her many successful nutritional books, and regarded as the leading Nutritional Therapist in South Africa, Sally-Ann Creed has unveiled her latest book – The Low Carb Creed! Contributing authors are Merle Wescott and Janita Bold, and the book is available at all major bookstores countrywide from mid-November 2016. It retails for R375.00.

Readers can obtain valuable advice from Sally-Ann, which she has gathered from her extensive career as an international Nutritional Therapist. The Low Carb Creed takes readers on a practical, easy-to-follow nutritional journey that is simple enough to weave into anyone’s lifestyle. It also introduces the Paleo lifestyle for those who find Banting is not working for them. There are basic cooking techniques, colour plates, new affordable/budget meal plans and the valuable “The Creed” – the manifesto for Low Carb Healthy Fat living. Photography in The Low Carb Creed was done by the talented Claire Gunn.

Comments Sally-Ann Creed: “The Low Carb Creed is aimed at everyone, so you don’t need a medical degree to understand it! I’ve made it easy and fun to help readers to lead a healthier, more nutritious and cost-affordable life! LCHF requires just a BIG fridge, a medium freezer and a small grocery cupboard”.

In the wise words of Thomas Edison, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but instead will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

It’s the first embossed and foiled book to be done in South Africa in line with leading European trends and it sticks to the Low Carb Healthy Fat lifestyle principles demonstrating that it’s not a diet but a lifestyle. Healthy and unhealthy fats explained, protein portions and types of protein guidelines, the hormone connection to weight loss and insulin resistance, myths and misconceptions, blood tests – what to ask for and how to interpret your own, the role of sleep and heart health, stress and the role of the thyroid to name a few areas focused on.

The book also explains how to get started with LCHF: shopping lists, portion control, new updated LISTS – which help you to understand how many carbs you are eating – the CORE of the book, things which sabotage weight loss, intermittent fasting, resistant starch, organ meats, super foods and supplements; the importance of the microbiome, as well as two week’s meal plans – one week LCHF menu, with recipes and alternatives to your favourite foods plus one very affordable “budget” week.



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