Suffering from brittle, thinning hair or dry, itchy skin?  The solution may be much simpler than you think! 

This is an image of an Aroma sense aromatherapy shower

Millions of people around the world are affected by chlorine exposure.  In fact, if your household receives municipal water, you’re most likely ingesting and breathing in chlorine on a daily basis. Chlorine is an excellent disinfectant – it’s cheap and effective, and prevents a lot of water-borne diseases from entering your home. Unfortunately, it also creates some of its own dangerous by-products called trihalomethanes (THMs) – and over time they can be lethal.   

How bathing can be bad for you

When having a bath or shower, the heat of the warm water opens up your pores turning your skin into a sponge that absorbs various THMs, including chloroform – a known carcinogen. THMs are also breathed in from the steam. With no biological filtering, these toxins enter directly into your bloodstream, accumulating over time to cause irreparable damage and disease.

The damaging effects of chlorine 

From dry, irritated skin and wrinkles, to lifeless, thinning hair, the visible effects of chlorine exposure are in fact some of the more benign. The scary truth is that respiratory and cardiac health is known to be adversely affected by chlorine, and some studies even reveal links between chlorine exposure and certain forms of cancer – including bladder, colon and breast cancer.

Most importantly, and like several other shower heads on the market, the Aroma Sense shower head protects its user by removing 98% of the residual chlorine in the water. However, what sets Aroma Sense apart is that the product also features several other incredible benefits to boost your health and wellbeing:

This is an image of the Aroma Sense shower headAdded vitamin C – helps maintain skin elasticity for fewer wrinkles, and aids in collagen synthesis

Four times the amount of negative ions – just like the concentrated amount of negative ions found in waterfalls in nature, this provides increased blood flow, relieves stress, balances pH, and facilitates breathing

Patented spray plates – with laser-etched triangular holes, these plates increase weak water pressure to provide that luxurious spa-jet feeling – reducing your water usage by up to 50%

The Microfiber filter – keeps pipe residue and unwanted contaminants out of your water 

Your choice of fragrance – choose from 9 different fragrances, such as rose, lavender, lemon, vanilla coconut and eucalyptus.  Each has its own healing properties, ranging from detox support, to treating acne, inflammation, fatigue and even sleep disorders.

 “Simply sublime!”

Few people know more about pampering than world-renowned South African jeweller Jenna Clifford. When asked for feedback on the Aroma Sense, she described it as a beautiful, soulful, and well-executed product. “Such a spiritual bathing experience, that was both relaxing and rejuvenating.” Jenna was particularly enchanted by the delicate scent that diffused into the room to create a real spa feeling, which she termed: “Simply sublime!”

This is an image of an Aroma Sense showerTreat yourself to a healthier, more invigorating shower experience, with Aroma Sense – now in South Africa!

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