Pukka Pure – Pure Indulgence with Health Benefits! #REVIEW

Instant Pukka Chai Tea was first introduced as Holotropic Pukka Chai in South Africa 39 years ago. PUKKA PURE continued the tradition in 2013.

The three business partners made changes to the formula and extended the distribution, which made PUKKA PURE Pukka Chai Tea the most successful instant Chai Tea in the country today.

The Pukka Pure recipe was brought to South Africa by Dee in 1979. During her wide travels in India, this artist and researcher on therapeutic herbs and spices, became fascinated by the many regional chai recipes and began collecting treasured family formulas. And so Pukka Pure was created!  

What a treat it was to try each of these beautifully packaged, healthy and utterly delicious indulgences: Delish Hot Chocolate, Original Pukka Chai, Chai Lite & Chocolate Chai.

PUKKA PURE – Delish Hot chocolate

This Hot Chocolate is surely a taste of BLISS!

Made with only the purest and best-quality ingredients, with the unique earthiness of a high cocoa content. (100% + more cocoa).  It’s something of a pick-me-up that supports the mind, fuels the body, counters stress and low spirits – quickly and easily.

The reasons to choose THIS Hot Choc:
 Anti-oxidant rich superfood
 Better cognitive function
 Blood pressure and blood sugar aid
 Improves heart health

Hubby who is the Hot Choc fan of the house was skeptical as to whether it would taste as good as regular hot chocolate – and discovered  (to our mutual delight) that it tastes WAY BETTER than any hot chocolte we have ever tasted!  A dollop of cream on top takes it to the next level…

Ed’s note: Read our History of Chocolate and try the fantstic Hot Choc Recipe made with Pukka Pure Delish Hot Choc that is included in this feature.


PUKKA PURE Pukka Chai is an instant, milky deliciously sweet treat based on the most royal of Indian masala tea recipes. Freshly ground Cinnamon, Ginger Root, Green Cardamom and Clove, blended together with essential vitamins to ensure optimum flavour and aroma in adelectable drink..

Not only is this drink incredibly tasty and soothing,  it is loaded with FORTIFYING VITAMINS, stimulates  and eases the digestive system and is also a superb winter warmer!  Interestingly, it is actually a TEMPERATURE REGULATOR so will be equally satisfying in summer, when it will aid in keeping it cool.

If you love the warm spicy  Chai flavour, but prefer a NO SUGAR alternative – they have introduced a fantastic new  PUKKA PURE – LITE CHAI to their range.   We LOVE this skinny alternative!

New LITE CHAI  with  whey protein contains a wide range
of high-quality, muscle-supporting essential amino acids. Now in a specifically
slimming formula – yet with all the delicious creaminess one expects of Pukka
Chai, irresistibly spiced with the PUKKA PURE blend of Ayurvedic aromatics:
Ginger, Clove, Cardamom and Cinnamon.

LITE CHAI is smooth, satisfying, body-sleeking and de-stressing and supports all who are following a sugar reduced diet, such as the banting diet, blood sugar diet or a diabetic diet.


This French-Style creamy-smooth dark chocolate laced with tantalising aromatics proves that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!

Not only is it the single most delicious drink we have EVER tasted, it is also  mood-ehnancing, restorative, energising and uplifting.

New PUKKA PURE Chocolate Chai is the ultimate comfort beverage. Not only is it mood and emotionally pleasing, it also helps to lift depression and release pent-up stress. High in calcium and magnesium, this chai provides soothing support for women experiencing pre-menstrual mood swings, stress and cravings.



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