Outdoor Fun & Camping Guide – Keep Safe!

This holiday we need to do our best to keep safe!  Take your fun outside as much as possible. Studies show that nature has amazing powers to improve your mood, reduce stress and even lower blood pressure! 

If Mother Nature is offering us all this goodness, then it’s only right that we give her some goodness back.

The health of our environment is precious and vital to life on Earth so we must take all measures to protect it and allow it thrive, so that we can all thrive together!

This checklist of eco-friendly camping supplies and tips will help you keep things green while you’re having fun this holiday.

Keep Safe, Stay Healthy! 

You may be camping out in the open air, but it’s still important to take all the necessary precautions and ensure that you and your camping buddies stay safe and healthy this holiday!  As you can probably tell from the strong chemical smells of most hand sanitisers and sprays, these products are not very friendly to the environment or your skin for that matter.  Switching to natural eco-friendly products will be better for everyone!

Safe, Safety Essentials

Eco Diva Hand Purifier 

Eco Diva Face Masks

Treemendous Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser

Simply Bee Hand & Body Sanitiser

Uzwelo Antimicrobial Face Masks

Uzwelo RPET Face Sox

Squeaky Clean!

It can be easy to forget about those dishes while you’re chilling in the sun, having a great time on your camping trip, but somehow they always manage to creep in there!  When washing dishes out in the bush you don’t want your dishwater to contain any harmful chemicals that could damage the wildlife and environment around you.  By using an earth-friendly dishwashing soap you can ensure that your dishes get squeaky clean without causing harm to the planet!

We LOVE these Squeaky “Green” Products

Bug Off!

Being in nature brings its own set of challenges….aka bugs!  Now, we know these little “friends” can be annoying, but conventional bug sprays usually contain a bunch of toxins, that aren’t good for you or the planet.  Instead of spraying toxins into the air to repel these creepy crawlies, use natural bug repellents and essential oils to steer them away, this is much better for you and the environment!

We LOVE these Planet and People Friendly Bug Repellents

SOiL Bug Away – Organic Essential Oil Repellent 

Earthsap Bugs Away Roll On Repellent

SoPure Mosquito Spray

Oh-Lief Natural Olive Insect Repellent Balm

Pure Beginnings Insect Repellent Spray

Just Pure Natural Insect Repellent

Tub Time!

Camping often calls for a quick scrub-a-dub in the nearest lake or river to freshen up!  This means you really want to ensure that you aren’t using soaps and hair products filled with toxic chemicals. that will wash straight into the water and affect the fish and plant life. Remember to bring earth-friendly shampoo, conditioner and body wash so that you can scrub with peace of mind!

WE LOVE these Earth Wise Body Products

Earthsap’s Bath and Body Products

Treemendous Tea Tree Range

Be.bare’s Shampoo and Conditioners

Nourish Natural Soaps

Angel Factory Natural Soap

Natraloe Shampoo

Hey Gorgeous Shampoos and Conditioners

Keep it Fresh!  

Heading out on hiking trails, playing outdoor games and having fun on your camping trip is bound to make you work up a sweat!  But staying fresh and smelling good shouldn’t have to cost the environment.  Conventional deodorants are full of chemicals and heavy metals, such as aluminium.  When swimming in the rivers, lakes and ocean, these chemicals will wash off your body and into the environment – not the trace you want to leave behind after your camping trip!  Using natural eco-friendly deodorants will benefit you and the environment, as they are non-toxic, gentle to the skin and gentle to the planet!  Also try to use coral reef friendly products.

Eco-Deodorants to Keep You Fresh

Earthsap Deodorants

Simply Bee All Natural Roll On Deodorant

Natural Yogi Deodorant

The Apothecary Deodorant

Agavesol Deodorant

ROK Deodorant Crystal Mist

Sun Wise!

We’re all about having fun in the sun, but unfortunately it is possible to have too much fun in that hot summer sun!  Keep your skin and the Earth’s waters safe by using natural non-toxic sunscreens.  Many of the sunscreens you buy in stores are jam packed with a plethora of chemicals that are not only harmful to the environment and marine life, but also to you and your skin.  Using earth friendly sunscreen will make sure that you keep things safe on all fronts – for the planet, for marine life and for your skin!

Bright Green Sunscreens to Keep You and the Planet Safe

Sunumbra Sunscreen Range

Oh-Lief Natural Body Sunscreen

Esse Sunscreen

Hey Gorgeous Gorgeously Natural Sunscreen

Meraki Lifestyle Brand – Keep the sun at bay with Meraki’s gorgeous hats, sunvests, wetsuits and swimming gear!  Meraki’s unique designs are UV protecting, comfortable and functional, offering the best outdoor experience.  Keeping the planet in mind, Meraki’s merchandise is all fully recyclable.  Once you’ve worn your Meraki garments to their limit, simply send it back to the brand and they will recycle it for you!   

Green Braai Master!

Nothing beats a good old fashioned braai on a camping trip!  Outside under the open sky, braai smoke in the air, food grilling away happily – what could be more perfect?  Of course we always want to keep things as planet friendly as we possibly can, especially when we’re camping in nature and our actions can have immediate effects on the environment around us.  Using eco-friendly products, such as green fire lighters, will  ensure that your braai fun stays fun and doesn’t cost the planet!

Green Braai Essentials

MEGAMASTER Eco Firelighters

Earthsap Braai Grid Cleaner and Degreaser 

Eco Extras

From reusable bags and cutlery, to camping flasks, beach bags and more.  This is your rundown of fun green extras you can add to your camping kit, plus these can also make some fantastic Christmas gifts for your camping friends!

Uzwelo Bags

Earthly Tooth Bits & Bamboo Toothbrushes

The Bamboo Project Travel Cutlery Set

Sustainable’s Solar Lanterns

U-Konserve Round Nesting Trio Containers

Steely Reusable Stainless Steel Bottles & Coffee Cups

Living Eco Insulated Travel Cup

Korkenoster Leeu Sleeping Bag

Green Home Sugarcane Plates

Reusable Straws


Kitchen Craft Cast Iron Cooking Pot

Beautiful Biodegradables’ Compostable Dinnerware

Ecorific Roll Up Cutlery Pouch & Napkins

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