MoonTime – Spreading the Pad Love

MoonTime is a Proudly South African heart based business that produces beautiful high quality reusable sanitary pads in the Garden Route.  

“Our vision is to bring women together in the shared experience of our monthly moontime, bridging the gap and finding different ways of being and living in harmony with ourselves, nature and each other.”

MoonTime was co-founded by Anja Bock and Kirsten Ruhnke who met through conscious dance in 2011 and have been close friends and soul sisters ever since. The universe gently brought them together and their joint passion, skills and spirits created MoonTime.  Anja had spent almost 2 years getting the right pad design with her seamstress Sharon when Kirsten joined forces and at the end of 2017 MoonTime was born.  

photo of reusable pads

Each MoonTime reusable sanitary pad consists of 4 layers of 100% cotton Shweshwe fabric, 1 layer of 100% cotton towelling, 1 layer of breathable leakproof material and 2 quality press studs.

It effortlessly folds around the underwear and effectively stays in place.

MoonTime pads are highly absorbent, leak-proof, lightweight, breathable, uniquely designed for your comfort and easy to wash.

Why Choose Reusable Sanitary Pads?

For the Environment

The easiest waste to manage, is the waste we do not produce.

On average a woman will use 14 500 disposable pads and tampons, throwing away 150-200 kgs of menstrual product waste in her lifetime, which end up in landfills and our natural habitats. Disposable pads are toxic to the environment and take 500-800 years to decompose – there is no longer space on our precious earth to hold single use pads.

For your Wellbeing

Using natural sanitary products helps your body find its innate rhythm and can reduce menstrual pain and discomfort.

MoonTime reusable cloth pads are free from harsh chemicals, plastics, glues, synthetic fibres and bleaches which lowers the risk of rashes, irritation and infection.

For your Pocket

A woman can spend approximately R36 000 on disposable sanitary products in her lifetime.

The initial outlay for reusable sanitary pads is more than disposables but they will last for many years which means huge savings – making it a long-term investment.

MoonTime is encouraging women to respect their cycle with a healthier, greener and more cost-effective alternative to disposable pads.

Combine the blessing of being a woman with making a difference to the earth by lightening your load on her.

photo of flower and Moontime pads

MoonTime (Pty) Ltd was created to touch women’s lives through a product that would change their moontime experience and help lighten the load on our precious mama earth.  From the beginning a small percentage was put aside with each reusable pad sold into a community account which gave them the opportunity to donate pads and plant trees with Precious Tree Project to offset their carbon footprint.  

MoonTime has grown organically and both Anja and Kirsten followed the magic and where their hearts truly lie. They brought Shalene van Rooyen on board at the end of 2019 and that is when MoonTime Community NPC was born (MoonTime’s non-profit company) giving them the opportunity to spread the pad love and truly make a difference.

Half the population bleeds for half their lives and there are many women who are unable to afford the basic need of sanitary products. There are numerous pad drives out there and many companies and sponsors are donating disposable pads to help the girls in the communities and to keep them in school.  They are doing amazing work with great intentions but it is not sustainable and is only a short term solution as the girls continue to need more pads month after month.  

MoonTime Community NPC offers a long term sustainable solution with affording funders and donors the opportunity to provide reusable sanitary pads that will last for many years.

MoonTime bucket

MoonTime community pads come in a bucket with different size pads, a bag with wet compartment (optional), a natural soap and an information pamphlet.  

The MoonTime team does an educational workshop on delivery, as well as a follow up session answering any questions and providing information. Part of the program will be educating on the environment and what community members can do to help as well as the ins and outs of menstruation and personal wellbeing. The MoonTime team will work with the teachers and support and assist as needed.

photo of community

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Give a woman a disposable pad, it will last for a few hours and take 500-800 years to decompose; give her a reusable pad and it will last for many years while saving the environment!

We can all truly make a difference by the choices we make!

Choose the pad that is perfect for your flow from the gorgeous range of 100% cotton Shweshwe prints – you won’t regret it! Buy online from MoonTime or add MoonTime eco-friendly, reusable sanitary pads, and pantyliners to your basket next time you shop at Faithful to Nature!

Kirsten and Anja feel privileged to work with the ultimate cycle … The Menstrual Cycle … the cycle without which none of us would be here.  

What a special journey x 


You will find Moontime and other businesses making a difference in our Green Directory . If your business is eco-friendly – LIST IT HERE

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