Immune Boosting Habits – Checklist

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When it comes to fortifying ourselves against disease, we need to introduce healthy immune boosting habits into our daily routines.

Challenge yourself to check as many boxes as possible on this list of disease defying immune boosting habits for long term health and wellbeing!

Avoid Sugar and Processed Foods

Sugar and processed foods weaken immunity with chemicals, allergens and virtually no bug-fighting nutrients. Ditch them, fast!

It’s Worth the Garlic or Onion Breath

Garlic and Onion are allium-rich veggies, known for their powerful anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

They feed your gut the fibre and prebiotics it thrives on, and they work just as well raw or cooked!

Eat your Greens

Work greens into every meal to load your system with the phytonutrients and fibre that make your good belly bacteria happy and in turn, keep your immune defences strong. An easy one to add to your immune boosting habits!

Spice it Up

Ginger, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, thyme and cayenne pepper — load them on! Not only are they super tasty, but they also provide powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiviral benefits.


There are a number of supplements that are helpful when it comes to boosting the immune system. Locally produced, Biomedcan recently extended their collection to include CBD Immune Boost Capsules. A multivitamin and mineral supplement with added herbal components and 5mg CBD isolate (per capsule), the CBD Immune Boost Capsules assist in boosting your immune system, supporting the body’s defence against viral infections and general maintenance of good health. Biomedcan is available for purchase online at Biomedcan, Takealot, Faithful to Nature, the CBD Store, selected Wellness Warehouse stores and other retailers.

Take Probiotics

Probiotics may help give your immune system a boost and inhibit the growth of harmful gut bacteria. Also, some probiotics have been shown to promote the production of natural antibodies in the body. Shop for Probiotics online at Faithful to Nature.

Avoid Stress and Get Proper Rest

Stress torpedoes your immunity, so you need to reduce it to keep immunity humming. One of the easiest ways to de-stress anywhere, anytime, is to meditate. Make sleep a priority and shoot for 7 to 8 hours a night to give your body the time it fully needs to rest, repair and refresh you for the next day. When you fall short or your energy is flagging, take a brief 20-minute power nap!

Get Moving!

Movement of any kind will boost immunity, but overdoing it will have the opposite effect – so easy does it! You don’t have to join the gym, or sign up for Zumba (although those are encourged too!), just a simple walk in Nature will do all kinds of wonder for the immune system!


Whether you’re feeling thirsty or not, drink plenty of water. Doing so will help keep lungs moist and mucus flowing, clearing lungs of the material that can collect and create conditions for opportunistic infections to thrive.

Soak Up Some Sunshine

If the sun is shining, find a spot outdoors and soak up the sun for a few minutes. Doing so will lift your spirits, help regulate your sleep/wake cycle, stimulate vitamin D production and — you guessed it — boost immunity!

Drink Immunity Boosting Beverages

You will love these drinks that not only taste delicious, but will boost your immune system too! This Buttered Coffee will surprise you, but if tea is more your style, try this Apple Cider Cinnamon brew. For a night time comfort drink, this Golden Milk ticks all the boxes!

And last but most certainly not the very least . . . BREATHE!

I know – it seems obvious. As long as we are alive, our bodies breathe for us. We accept this as a given – and that’s okay. But if you can take a few minutes each day just to be with your breath, you will start to cultivate a small window of peace which you can then learn to access any time. And just being with your breath means that you don’t actually have to do anything. Just sit or stand or lie quietly and observe your breath. Your immune system will love you for this momentary rest!

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