Gifts that Uplift – The Joy of Giving Back!

What could be better than giving gifts that uplift others by giving back at the same time?  All these beautiful prezzies will bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces and will also uplift and give something back to those that made them!


Uzwelo Bags focuses on what we CAN do instead of what we can’t.  Their RPET bag range is made from recycled plastic bottles and each bag is uniquely handmade by local women, empowering them so that they provide for their families and these are gifts that uplift their communities.  Buy a bag from Uzwelo and you buy for the future of South Africa!


Down2TheWire jewellery is exceptionally unique – all the pieces are made from animal snares that have been removed from the bush.  The brand strives to create awareness around poaching and a portion of the funds raised is made available to veterinarians working in the field of anti-poaching.  A gift from Down2TheWire is more than a gift; it’s a symbol and act of support for our wildlife.


Made from discarded and donated wax, the Neighbourhood Old Age Homes (NOAH) Social Enterprise Development, works with its members to craft beautiful pillar and votive candles.  They also take order requests for bespoke candles made to your liking.  There’s nothing more special than a hand crafted, upcycled, customised candle for your special people! 


TREE is a non-profit organisation that specialises in Early Childhood Development, resource and training.  Their online Toy Shop offers a range of wooden toys, books, educational resources and more!  Supporting TREE helps them support the education and development of young children, in turn helping our future.

ED’s Note: The gorgeous cover image for this article is from the TREE website!


Knock your socks off this summer with these Sexy Socks!  Made from bamboo, Sexy Socks will keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter – everything you could possibly want from a good pair of socks.  And better yet, these socks give back!  Every time you purchase a pair of socks, Sexy Socks donates a pair of school socks to a child in need.  Support the youth and support your feet with Sexy Socks!


Feeding the mind and feeding the heart, Soil For Life is a public benefit organisation that focuses on growing healthy soil, healthy people and healthy communities.  Get involved and book a spot in one of their in depth courses and workshops. Visit Soil For Life and shop at their planet and people friendly garden shop.  Support and give back this Christmas by donating to Soil For Life or chipping in as a volunteer!


A project with a mission to provide access to equitable quality learning material to under-resourced learners, The Answer Series (TAS) can not only rescue an underperforming school but take it up to more competitive levels.  How?  With YOUR help!  When purchasing books and study material from the TAS online store, why not gift a school book to a child in need?  TAS offers you the donated book at a 50% discount.  Should you wish to simply give back this Christmas without making a purchase from their online store you can donate directly to The Answer Series by contacting


Catherine is a cancer survivor who lost her eye due to the disease.  She sews and knits gorgeous children’s teddies and stuffed animals to make a living, and sells these each weekend at The Straight and Forest Road in Lonehill in Joburg. Gifts that uplift the spirit!  

You can contact her on 073 115 0589 to order these beautiful toys.

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