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Meet Helen Hansen – a kinesiologist specialising in meridian therapy, archetypal psychology and mind-body healthcare. Since childhood, Helen has been intrigued by how life works – from the life in our cells, to our worldly interaction, as well as the stories in our heads. Helen has been working and playing with mind-body healing and development for twenty five years. Her own journey of healing through years of fibromyalgia (which completed ten years ago), alongside the healing journey of thousands of clients inspired her to continue on this path of discovery, awareness and application. One of the results of this continuing journey? Sharing her knowledge through a selection of online courses carefully curated and presented. For what good is knowledge when it is not applied?

We are here to be part of your journey to Know Yourself, Be Yourself and Love Yourself.

Helen’s vast and varied experience has been the catalyst to create and present a number of online courses to empower others to discover their own healing journeys. You can get to know Helen a little better by enjoying her Green Star profile.

The online courses offered by Helen are all practical guides with real techniques to help you to understand the human body and the human mind both physically and metaphysically. The methods taught in these courses have been successfully proven (not only by Helen in her years of practice but by thousands of other health professionals too).

Skills from these online courses will help to easily assess a health status or health need of a loved one or a client or of your own self. You will also learn where to look for solutions and how to get accurate answers for each individual. Added to this you will be empowered with the ability to self-treat or to use certain methods to care for a loved one or client.

Through this journey your self-awareness will flourish and your natural intuitive ability will blossom.

The courses on offer include:

Helen’s inspiration for self-therapy coupled with her deep experience of meridians are the fuelling factors of The Meridian Course. Throughout her practice of kinesiology, Helen has continued to be awed by the powerful influence of meridian treatment for the benefit of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body

Helen incorporates instruction in self-care into each session. This audio guide to activate your own meridians is driven by Helen’s enthusiasm for self-therapy and her extensive knowledge of meridians. Tune in to your meridians with these audio tracks which will guide you to access  and activate your meridian system. 

In the process of Muscle Testing, options for an individual’s health and wellbeing are tested in relation to their current physical, mental and emotional status. During her full time practice Helen was continually researching the science of muscle testing, always striving to understand the mechanics and quantum mechanics at a deeper level. The highlights of her research are shared in this course.

This course can be purchased in stages.  The first 3 modules are R800.  Next 3 are R800.  Because it is self-study it can be used at leisure with no pressure.  
Once payment has been made the material is available to download.
Each module has theory in 30 minute video format and pdf and then the practical video which shows clearly how to perform the test so you get accurate results.

The course also covers the science behind muscle testing items in relation to the body’s chemical system and looks at case studies which show and prove the validity of the muscle testing.

Archetypes are widely understood universal patterns. These patterns are found everywhere in life, from the weather to food to music, spirituality, personal relationships, emotional triggers … and more! When we understand these universal patterns, we can navigate through life meaningfully. Helen’s skills in development psychology, holistic psychology and archetypal psychology are interwoven here with yin-yang philosophy and mind-body awareness. Her course is informed and inspired by her work with thousands of people of all ages, of all walks of life, across the globe over the past 25 years. 

A three lesson self help course, presented in audio format. Learn hands-on techniques to calm and clear the effects of emotional disturbance in the cellular system and physical body. Learn how to reduce the power of intense emotion – this technique can be used in the moment, or after the initial charge has taken place. Learn to re-programme your subconscious brain and cellular system with conscious uplifting emotions.

This self-study course in booklet (pdf) format is a guide to help you understand your child as well as yourself as a parent or care-giver. Awareness of both is critical for having a successful relationship with your child.

All courses are fully downloadable and can be completed at your own leisure. What’s not to love?


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Helen Hansen


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Helen Hansen

To be human is an incredible experience . . . we have the ultimate bio-computer, our body! Here’s to continual fulfilment, together!

Helen Hansen

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