Bike Riding is Fun!

Sure, many of our kids are outside during the school holidays . . . Bike riding is fun, it’s good exercise, and it can give your child a sense of independence. But a bike is a vehicle, not a toy. So you and your child need to know how to ride safely. Here are a few important things you can do to keep your child safe on his/her bicycle these holidays:

• Have your child wear a helmet every time he or she rides a bike — no exceptions.

• Teach your child the rules of the road to keep him or her safe while riding on the street.

• Make sure your child’s bike is kept in good working order.

• Make sure the bike is the correct size for the child. A bike that’s too big makes injuries more likely. The child’s feet should reach the ground when he or she is seated. The bike should fit your child at his or her current age. The child shouldn’t “grow into it”.

(And make sure your first aid kit is stocked up for when there are falls, and your arms ready for the much needed cuddle!)

By Charlene van Tonder

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