With spring around the corner, most people who suffer from allergies will be reaching for the anti-histamines in an attempt to prevent the reaction that affects them so much over the seasonal changes. [Interestingly this year I found a blooming bush of Jasmine (my favourite flower) in July, yes in JULY!!] It (allergic reaction) affects  30-40% of the population and there are lots of thing you can do about it.

Everyone think that they have allergies and that it is something they can do very little about except symptomatic relief until it blows over. Well . . . there is another way . . . You don’t have allergies (you don’t own them), you have allergic reactions and what needs to be done is to stop the reaction in the body!


Allergies are uncomfortable, inconvenient and by most deemed untreatable.  But why do they occur? Your body accidentally identifies a harmless substance as dangerous. This overreaction triggers an attack, causing symptoms.


Hay fever, which is . . .

·         Sneezing

·         Itching

·         Red eyes

·         Increased mucus

·         Coughing

Most people wait until something goes wrong before doing something about it, and that is the same with allergic reactions. But, Medication only covers up symptoms. It does NOT treat the cause. And . . . Medication only works temporarily. And obviously there are usually HUGE side effects! Good health care is addressing the CAUSE of the symptom. Here is a list of thing that you can do to address this.

Maximum Exposure

Studies show exposing your children to common allergens early means they are 45% less likely to develop an allergy.  So go outside! Outdoor play is healthy exposure to common allergens. Never expose your children to substances they are dangerously allergic to without supervision from a doctor, but regular, consistent and constant outdoor activity is great, not only from an allergy point of view, but HUGE health benefits in other ways.

Kick the Cleaning Bucket

By substituting traditional cleaners for natural products, prevents the body from being hyper-reactive to foreign substances: white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and olive oil. Avoid dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as triclosan, ammonia and bleach.

Evaluate your Diet

Certain foods can cause inflammation and worsen allergic reactions. Healthy foods as always, help the body to function optimally. Probiotics may reduce allergies. Foods high in quercetin naturally support the body and eliminate allergy symptoms.

Positive Thoughts

Your STRESS can worsen allergy symptoms! Stress is now commonly known to cause a host of things to go wrong in the body, and especially the immune system. We can’t avoid stress, but we can change the way we react to it, and that is only through regular work on your state of mind.  A positive mental state throughout the day keeps the body healthy.

A good night’s sleep always lets the body recharge. Sleep has also shown dramatic influences of body function and specifically the brain. Anything less than 7 hours of sleep a night decreases brain function significantly!  

Move it!

•       Regular exercise helps the body to flush out toxins

•       Exercise also redirects blood away from the nose and congested areas

•       Aerobic activity reduces the risk for heart disease!

Chiropractic Care

•       An adjustment helps put your spine in alignment

•       When the spine is in alignment, the central nervous system functions optimally

•       A subluxated spine means signals can’t travel through the nervous system as well

The Nervous System Controls ALL

•       From your breathing, to your digestive system to your muscles, it’s in charge.

•       A well-functioning nervous system means a happy and well mind and body!

Avoid Allergic Reactions Altogether with Chiropractic Care

•       A proper functioning nervous system means the body is less likely to have an allergic reaction because it’s more in balance.

•       Allergic reactions are caused by the body’s reaction to a substance. NOT the substance itself! It’s the body that generally needs to be adjusted!

Make an Appointment

·         Our office would love to sit down with you one on one to evaluate your care needs for dealing with your allergies. Whether they be seasonal or food based, chiropractic IS a solution!

By Dr. Brett Lederle from chiroLIFE in Knysna.

For any questions, please email or call 044 382 3888.

This article is not a substitute for any medical advice; please consult your doctor for any illness related concerns.

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