Aneska Bruwer – Heart and Hands of Green!


Aneska is a happy 10 year old girl.  She loves the outdoors and spending time with her brother and friends.  She cares for people and has a soft heart.  Her favourite subjects are mathematics and art.  She came second in the AET Kids Art Competition which inspired her to paint as much as she has time for in her spare time.  She took part in a Mathematics Olympiad and came through to the second round.  She was also in the top 20 for academics in her grade.

Aneska is so proud to have been chosen as runner up in the AET Kids Art Competition! Her stunning design is being used on stylish AET backpacks and shopping bags (with more merchandise items in the pipeline for the future) and can be purchased online via the AET AFRICA ONLINE SHOPuse the code GoGreen at checkout to receive a 10% discount.

Please tell us about what you were thinking and feeling when you created this lovely piece of work?

I love the earth and thought the earth should be clean and the people happy as on the picture I drew.

What would you like people to see and think when they look at your artwork?

That people will look after the earth and enjoy our beautiful world.

Your design will be featured on an exclusive range of recycled shopping bags, t-shirts, and school bags. A portion of the purchase of every item will go to an organisation of your choice. Please tell us who you have nominated.

AET Africa

Ed’s note: AET Africa are creating an AET AFRICA ECO KIDS CLUB Aneska’s contributions will go directly to that!

Our readers would love to know a little bit about this organisation and why you have chosen it. Do tell us!

It is good to save electricity as we have power/electricity problems in South Africa, and AET Africa encourages this.

If Mars were liveable, would you accept a one-way ticket there?

No, the earth is much more beautiful with flowers and plants and trees and Mars does not have a beach.

If you were given one thousand acres of land what would you do with it?

I would plant flowers and vegetables/fruit and give this to people who don’t have money for food.

How do you think people would communicate in a perfect world?

They will be happy and think more of the other people than themselves.

Where do you go and what do you when you want to relax?

I go to the beach and love the sand.

If you could write one new law that everybody had to obey, what would it be?

That everybody should have their own vegetable garden.

What skill or craft would you like to master?

I want to paraglide.

What would you say are some small steps that people can take to make the world a better place for future generations?

Recycle and pick up rubbish when they see it on the beach/street.


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