It is our honour to speak to these special people who are making our world a shade greener with their choices and inspiring ideas…

Meet Euodia Naanyane-Bouwer – A Heart to Change Lives

Gracious Nubian is a social enterprise based in Bloemfontein where Euodia is the founder and Managing Director. We design, develop […]

Meet Julien Rambert – a Living Testament to Mind over Matter!

Meet Julien Rambert, Director of BiobiN and the man who brought this innovation to South Africa.  The BiobiN is an […]

Meet Jena Goncalves – Passion for Health & Beauty

With many years of experience in the medical and Acupuncture fields, Jena excels in her passion for the health and […]

Meet Hayley McLellan – Bravely Addressing Plastic Pollution #RethinkTheBag

Hayley began her career in 1989 training dolphins at Sea World, Durban in South Africa. For over two decades she [...]

Meet Sahara- Inspiring young Green-Entrepeneur & Founder of ‘WHAT THE BAG’!

My name is Sahara – I am 17 years old and I am a green-entrepreneur, earth warrior, activist, gardener, yogi, […]

Meet Carla Geyser – Adventurer, Eco-Warrior & Humanitarian

There are so many reasons to be depressed if you let the problems that surround you become your focus. My […]

Meet Green Star Rachelle Strauss – Cracking the Whip on Environmental Issues!

Rachelle Strauss is founder of Zero Waste Week – an award-winning annual awareness campaign helping householders, businesses and community groups […]

Meet Green Star Lisa Leslie – Photographer, Writer & Passionate about our Environment!

I view the world through the eye of a lens. The textural complexity of a flower study, the flawless arc […]

Meet Karoline Hanks – Wandering Naturalist

I am a mountain lover, environmental campaigner and mother of a teenage son. My passion for the natural world and […]

Meet Fria Hiemstra and her Amazing Superfoods!

Fria is the owner and founder of Fria’s Superfoods. She is a health enthusiast but, just like you and me, […]

Meet Green Star Peter Kowalski – Working Smarter and Living Better

Design entrepreneur and green warrior Peter Kowalski has been in and out of South Africa but decided to settle here […]

Meet Zaria Rule – Pioneering with Rooibos Tea and Jessie!

Zaria tested green rooibos tea on several diabetic dogs, including her pet dog, Jessie, as part of a school science […]

Meet Nicki Ellis – Embracing Local is Lekker!

The term ‘local is lekker’ is a popular one, and one that boutique accessories and design studio, Love Milo, embraces […]

Meet Carishma Basday – A Child of this Universe

Being a child of this universe and a spiritual being, Carishma has completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training in […]

Meet Mimi Rup – Bringing Life to your Home through your Garden!

Mimi Rupp is the founder of Stone etc. and specialises in hard landscaping for projects throughout the Eastern Cape. Whether it be […]

Meet Petra Gordon – Giving Back to Nature

“So, here I am, sole proprietor of Bee Natural established 2005, mother of 4 girls, and happily married for almost […]

Meet Val Thomas – Innovator Behind The Tree App

As more people become aware of the environment and humans’ impact on it, there is a burgeoning group of South […]


Greg Downs is the Store Manager of Hilton Quarry Superspar in Hilton, in the KZN-Midlands. After having watched a video […]

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