Waiākea® was founded in 2012 as the first Hawaiian volcanic water and triple bottom line premium water of its kind, adapting an unparalleled platform of healthy, sustainable, and ethical/charitable attributes and initiatives.

We at Waiākea sought to create a resonating lifestyle brand that can inspire and create meaningful, positive change in a variety of ways. Our goal was to create a transformation within the bottled water, beverage, and greater CPG industry, moving away from singular profit and towards a triple bottom line model that emphasizes people and planet. We realize that these industries are only growing larger, their products multiplying, and in order to create positive, real and systemic change, it had to come from the inside-out.

Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

Waiakea waterSince our founding, Waiākea has continued to be recognized for its innovation, and in 2015 Waiākea was the most awarded beverage in North America.Waiākea’s mission is to provide naturally healthy, delicious, Hawaiian volcanic water with as little impact as possible, while contributing to and promoting conservation and access to clean water and education for people in need throughout the world. This is embodied by Waiākea’s slogan “Drink Healthy, Drink Sustainably, Drink Ethically”. Waiākea volcanic water originates in Hawai’i through both snowmelt and rain on the pristine peak of the active Mauna Loa volcano, one of the purest environments on Earth. The water is then filtered through thousands of feet of porous volcanic rock that enriches Waiākea with a variety of trace minerals, making it electrolyte rich and naturally alkaline, before emerging at its source, surrounded by rich forest preserves just outside quiet Hilo town.

In accordance with the Hawaiian practice and notion of “malama i ka ‘aina”, meaning “to respect and care for the land”, Waiākea is also proud to be the first American premium bottled water and beverage to be certified CarbonNeutral for its variety of eco-initiatives, including using 100% RPET packaging, sustainable sourcing, and its regional reforestation projects.

We love what our brand represents. From the high standards it sets, to the active lifestyle it promotes, to the lives it changes. With your help we will continue to strive for the summit- kulia i ka nu’u.


Whether you’re an avid surfer, Olympian or yoga mom, Waiākea® (why-uh-kay-uh) is filtered through thousands of feet of porous volcanic rock to help keep you optimally hydrated and performing at your best.


WAIĀKEA’s source is located at the eastern base of the Mauna Loa volcano in an isolated area surrounded by rich and bio-diverse forest preserves. The slopes feeding our Kea’au aquifer capture over 200 inches of pure rainwater and snowmelt each year, converting into a daily sustainable yield of 393 million gallons per day (State of Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management). The meaning of this is significant: our source could provide enough water in a month to satisfy the amount of water that is consumed globally in a year. However, WAIĀKEA bottles less than .0001 of 1% of this. Not to mention,  WAIĀKEA uses 33% renewable energy, 25% of which is geothermal, for all of its sourcing operations. This sustainable yield and source use is integral to Hawaii’s conservation.


In 2014, 650 million people lacked access to clean water—more than 2 times the population of the United States alone. Simultaneously, more than 2.3 billion people live without basic functional sanitation. As a result, every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness.  Waiākea was founded to create positive change for not only the environment, but also for people in need throughout the world. For every liter of Waiākea you buy, Waiākea donates 1 week of clean water to those in need in Africa and throughout the world, through our incredible partner, Pump Aid. 

We realize not everyone is able to have access to clean, essential drinking water – our goal is to change that.

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