Natural Vibrance wishes to bring healing to as many individuals as possible, raise awareness of the effects that our actions have on the impeccable balance of our planet, all whilst conducting an ethical business that returns financial well being to its business partners and employees.

To source and supply the best and most effective health products available, through educating the public, health shops, medical profession and alternative practitioners about the benefits and healing properties of organic plant based nutrients and minerals vs. the damages of chemical and nature identical vitamins.

Through ethical information and advertising, reach as many people as possible, to make ourselves available at all times to teach and educate all who cross our paths – so they may make more informed decisions about their health and that of their families.

To consider the environment and the impact our business has on it at all times and ensure we have a low negative carbon footprint and strive to influence every individual and company we work with to be conscious of the effects we have on the environment.

To be the best supplier of organic complimentary medicine – products that are truly effective and offer the client/consumer genuine healing capabilities – with care and respect for each client, maintaining a strong code of ethics and moral conduct in all we do, and constantly striving to be a more committed and environmentally sound company.

Vibrant Health provides supplemental nutrition that supports human biochemistry. The steady decline in trace nutrients from fresh foods, and increased refined and fast foods in our modern diets, has led us to believe that supplemental nutrition is a necessity, if one hopes to achieve a robust immune system and vibrant health.

TRILOGY: Daily supplement Power pack

Trilogy contains the three most highly recommended supplements together in one package.

Trilogy simplifies supplementation by providing a 30-day supply of daily power packs. Each pack contains the top 3 supplements recommended by health practitioners: an organic plant-based multivitamin, mercury free fish oil, and 20 billion probiotics from 12 strains. Trilogy provides essential nutrients and energy and comes in two versions, men and women. The difference is in the organic
multivitamin, which for men contains added chromium and women added iron.

  • 100% certified organic plant based vitamins and minerals provided by curry, guava, lemon, amla, holy basil and annatto extracts.
  • 20 Billion probiotics from 12 strains.
  • 1000 mg Omega 3 fish oil (100% mercury free) providing 360mg EPA and 270mg DHA in triglyceride form. The oil is sourced from anchovies and is molecularly distilled for purity and potency.


Say goodbye


  • Two formulas: MEN (added chromium), WOMEN (added iron)
  • Organic plant-based multi vitamin
  • 100% Mercury free fish oil (360mg EPA and 270mg DHA in triglyceride form)
  • 20 billion CFU probiotics from 12 strains
  • Supports heart, brain, and muscle health
  • Energising
  • Convenient – grab your power pack and go!
  • Supports digestion, immunity, bone and joint health!

How do Trilogy Men and Trilogy Women differ?
In your busy life, it can be nearly impossible to maintain a consistently nutritious and balanced diet. Give your body the nutrients it requires and deserves, in a highly absorbable plant-based multivitamin optimized just for you.

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Trilogy is available in

Women 30 day supply Box of 30 packets

Men 30 day supply Box of 30 packets

Chart Men Women

Trilogy Men
100% certified organic multivitamin made of annatto, guava, holy basil, lemon and amla waterbased extract. It also contains chromium from Sesbania, which supports healthy blood sugar levels, heart health, and the production of lean muscle mass. Chromium is lost in sweat and not easily absorbed from food. This organic multivitamin supports overall health, active lifestyles, energy, and much more. Fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive from a highly absorbable plant based multivitamin optimized for men of all ages.

Trilogy Women
100% certified organic multivitamin made of annatto, guava, holy basil, lemon and amla waterbased extract. Also includes organic iron from curry leaves, making it suitable and beneficial for women. Iron carries oxygen to the muscles and brain and is crucial for both mental and physical performance. Low iron levels may result in a lack of focus and increased irritability. For adult women, this is also beneficial as blood is lost during monthly cycles. Healthy iron levels help ensure prominent energy to power through the day.

100% Mercury Free Fish Oil
From the purest waters in the world, our Icelandic fish oil provides high potency omega-3 oils with 360mg EPA and 270mg DHA in
triglyceride form. The oil is sourced from anchovies and is molecularly distilled for purity and potency. Omega-3s help keep you at your best, by supporting many facets of health from your brain and heart, to your shiny hair, skin and nails!

20 Billion Probiotics from 12 Strains
Live, shelf stable probiotics. These specific strains are gastric resistant, bile tolerant, and help support the growth of beneficial bacteria. Good bacteria is essential for health because the more of it there is, the less bad bacteria remains. That means enhanced
immune health. By assuring a healthy G.I. tract and proper digestion, your body is also prepped for absorption and utilization of nutrients from your diet and, of course, your power pack!

Here’s what Coach Russell White had to say:

The Trilogy pack as a coach and athlete: ‘Older ‘ is such a boon. Athletes have so much to think about, but their main priority is to get out and do what they love and are gifted at. Often forgetting that health is crucial. They push themselves mentally and physically. We have found the Trilogy pack just so much easier as it’s all out and ready for them. Travel is also a huge problem to make sure you pack all your different bottles etc. Trilogy is basically packed and ready. Thank you for a wonderful product!     Regards, Coach Russ


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