Maara House is a growing, progressive, Reggio Emilia inspired primary school in the Cape Town City Bowl. We pride ourselves on our small classes, the nurturing and joy-filled environment we offer, the individual attention we give to each of our children and on the fact that our daily programme includes lots of outdoor learning and play, with creativity woven into all aspects of our day.

Maara House classroom


At Maara House we adapt our learning schedule to the different rates at which children learn, with a dynamic curriculum that can accommodate each child’s learning differences. Whether your child learns quickly or needs extra help, we tailor our learning programme to meet their specific needs.

At Maara House, we aim to develop these 8 core competencies in each of our children (based on the work of Sir Ken Robinson):

Collaboration – the ability to work constructively with others

Compassion – the ability to empathise with others and to act accordingly

Composure – the ability to connect with the inner life of feelings and to develop a sense of personal harmony and balance

Curiosity – the ability to ask questions and explore how the world works

Creativity – the ability to generate new ideas and to apply them in practice

Critical analysis – the ability to analyse information and ideas and to form reasoned arguments and judgements

Communication – the ability to express thoughts and feelings clearly and confidently in a range of media and forms

Citizenship – the ability to engage constructively with society and to participate in the processes that sustain it


What makes us different is the following:

  • We recognise that intelligence is diverse and multifaceted
  • We enable children to pursue their particular strengths and interests
  • We adapt our learning schedule to the different rates at which children can learn, with a dynamic curriculum that can accommodate differences
  • We believe that the quality of the relationship between the teacher and the child is paramount
  • We assess children in ways that support their personal progress and achievement
  • We have an excellent child to teacher ratio
  • The owners of Maara House are Clinical and Industrial psychologists
  • We offer a variety of intramurals and weekly field trips
  • We follow a multi-age classroom format
  • We offer an EQ curriculum – focusing on the development of 8 core competencies
  • We focus on mindfulness
  • We incorporate sports, fitness and nutrition as part of the curriculum
  • We offer psychologist and integrative learning therapist consultations
  • We get out into nature/the outdoors wherever possible (using Cape Town as our 3rd teacher)
  • We offer a parent development support programme
  • Our teachers enjoy regular development and support
  • We are involved in various community projects


At Maara House, our small classes range from Grade R to Grade 3. From 2019 we will be offering additional Grades.

Maara House learners

Watch this video to get a glimpse of what makes this truly special school so unique!


Our applications for 2018 are now open. Please email or call 083 260 6489 to request your application form. You can also visit for more information.

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