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The Growing Minds Learning and Therapy Centre

Pupils at Growing MindsThe Growing Minds Learning and Therapy Centre is a very special school catering for children from Grades R to 6.

The children are taught in an inclusive and nurturing environment which focuses on their abilities rather than their ages, and which takes advantage of the natural diversity found in a multi-age classroom.  Our teaching follows an integrated approach enabling children to make sense of what they learn and how it applies to the world around us.

The school follows a CAPS aligned curriculum with each child on an Individualised Learning Programme suited to his or her specific needs.  This allows children to receive support in particular subjects if they need it or extension into higher levels.  The small classes allow the teachers to accommodate the different learning styles of each child as well as to find ways to keep each child motivated and striving for success.

The Growing Minds Learning and Therapy Centre provides the following:

– A nurturing environment with small classes

– Individualised Learning Programmes for each child with realistic and achievable goals

– Qualified and experienced teachers

– Progressive, integrated teaching that accommodates different learning styles

– CAPS aligned curriculum

“Can I just tell you once again how extremely happy I am that you opened your learning centre! It felt so good to be confident about a school that knows how to communicate to a child that his      differences in learning and  socialising are understood and welcomed as simply part of the way his brain needs to learn at the moment. A school that helps a child  understand that his struggles are something that he will be helped to work  through and not just “get better at” or “fail”. And equally  powerfully, a community where everyone learns and accepts each other,  working together.  Thanks again for championing this.”
Tanya, clinical psychologist, parent and teacher support

“Hi Denise, just wanted to say that my husband and I are so blown away by where my son is at academically at the moment.  He has come such a far way in such a short space of time.  It is just so nice to see what he is doing and makes me so happy we made this choice.  Thank you for all your efforts in truly making learning so much fun and less stressful for him.” Parent, learner grade 3

Pupils at Growing Minds

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