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Greengrass Wealth Management: Offering Holistic Financial & Investment Planning 

What if you could learn how to successfully manage your wealth, invest wisely and pursue stable, achievable returns?

What if you could access personal and corporate wealth management, from experts with the years of expertise required to help you to make those crucial decisions?

Well, to start with, your money would work for you. So what would you do with all that free time?

Greengrass Wealth Management is a holistic financial planning practice that operates as a family office. Since 2005, we’ve worked with a diverse portfolio of clients, all of whom we’ve helped to build a solid foundation for their financial success.

You’re at the core of everything we do. So if you’re a:

  • business owner or entrepreneur,
  • hard-working company employee,
  • retiree or
  • newly single person looking for greater financial security and stability…

allow Greengrass* to work with you to achieve genuine financial freedom.


The Greengrass Philosophy

Without access to all of the information you need to make educated decisions regarding your assets, how can you hope to make the investments that will improve your life into an uncertain future?

This is the question that drives the Greengrass philosophy of going beyond the norm, using attention-to-detail services that are tailor-made, and providing reporting that is regular, detailed and progressive.

Greengrass focuses on the following key aspects to assist you in the process:

  • Your specific investment needs and objective/s
  • The composition of an appropriate investment solution (strategy and portfolio construction), to achieve your investment objective/s
  • Disclosure of the relevant assumptions, terms and conditions of our solution
  • Our service model
  • Disclosure of all relevant feesbelieve

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