With the recent ill-health and food borne diseases that have plagued South Africa, it seems that the need for a reassessment of hygiene and health standards in the industrial and food sectors is vital. Yet, there are many handwashes and hand sanitisers on the market today that do not seem to cover the required standard of continued protection against pathogenic microorganisms.

According to Global Food Safety Resource, a Pathogenic microorganism “is an organism capable of causing disease in its host. A human pathogen is capable of causing illness in humans. Common examples of pathogenic organisms include specific strains of bacteria like Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli, and viruses such as Cryptosporidium.”

John J CoetzeeJohn J Coetzee, CEO of Green Worx Cleaning Solutions states: “In sectors like the industrial and food sectors, hygiene safety standards are of the utmost importance. Improper hygiene and the potential spread of pathogenic microorganisms within these sectors has a detrimental impact, not only on that specific factory or industrial building, but on the entire population of people that that organisation serves.”

It is thus imperative that handwashes that specifically fight against pathogenic organisms be used. These handwashes should also offer continual protection against the organisms. Recent studies on bio-enzymatic handwashes have shown that the bio-enzymes create a protective layer that protects against pathogenic organisms, mould and yeast.

In her comprehensive study entitled Report on the Microbiological Validation Trials of Bio Enzyme Hand Soap and Hand Foam Soap, Marina G Morris (MD), Medical Director outlines that bio-enzymatic products result in a good immediate reduction in pathogenic count on the hands of test persons and also provide an efficient long-lasting protection against recolonisation of the hands with pathogenic microorganisms.

“Innovative hand soap and foam products use these benefits of bio-enzymes to create powerful and long-lasting handwash,” adds Coetzee. “This ensure the development of a healthy and stable micro-flora on the hands, which in turn helps to protect against unhealthy contamination and prevents spread of pathogenic microorganisms.”

A further benefit of handwashes that utilise bio-enzyme technology is their effectiveness in removing grease and grime. This is in great demand in the industrial sector; helping employees remove grease and grime. These handwashes also protect those working in the sector from germs that could infect themselves, as well as other employees and/or friends and family that they come into contact with. The importance of preventing the contamination and spread of germs in the food industry has already been made evident in the health epidemics in South Africa of late.

“We must do everything that we can to ensure that we are using the most up to date and effective technology available to us, to provide industries (like the industrial and food sectors) and the general public with products that are of the highest standard, offering them the most effective protection,” concludes Coetzee.

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