Eco-Friendly Online Shopping – We Should ALL be Doing it!

Discovering eco-friendly online shopping may well be one of the best things to come out of this crazy chapter of our lives! If you weren’t much of an online shopper before lockdown, then by now you most certainly will have discovered its benefits! It’s safe to say online shopping has become the most popular form of retail therapy, especially since lockdown and Covid-19 precautions. The stats reveal that the online shopping market is expected to hit a whopping $4 trillion this year. Wow!

If you still haven’t hopped on the online shopping cart (pun intended!) then maybe this article will change your mind….



You can pretty much buy ANYTHING online!  From fashion to furniture, from cosmetics to hardware, from food to garden supplies and so we could go on! The sky’s the limit when it comes to online shopping. In fact many online shops have a much wider variety of products, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Safety First – Always!

When it comes to keeping your family safe and healthy during these times of pandemics and uncertainty, online shopping is a no brainer.  Just order anything you need from the safety of your computer/phone screen and let it be delivered to your doorstep.

Save Time 

Imagine not having to get all your bags, masks, and sanitizer ready.  Not having to waste time finding parking and then waiting in long queues.  Not having to lug heavy bags of shopping to the car and then unpacking it all when you get back home.  And if you’ve got the kids with you, well good luck to you my friend! 

The weekly shopping trips can be very stressful, which is the last thing you want when you’re trying to keep your immune system healthy. Don’t miss our guide to stress free living which includes some good online shopping tips for healthy meal convenicence!

So why not skip the whole ordeal altogether and opt for eco-friendly shopping online?  Register with your favourite green online shops and make your shopping (and your life) easier today!

Don’t Break the Bank!

That’s right, online shopping can even do your bank account a favour!  Not being surrounded by aisle upon aisle of products, accessories, goods, clothes, and the 101 other things you don’t really need but buy “just because”, can make a big difference on how much you save at the end of the month.  Just log in and get all your essentials without the temptation of the chocolate bar at the till, which is most probably not the best choice for you or the planet!  Learn all about sustainable chocolate and how to make healthy green choices when it comes to this decadence.

So now that we’ve (hopefully!) convinced you to grab your “e-cart” and join the online shopping club, let’s get into the exciting part – how to start your online shopping adventure with these fantastic Green Family approved sites!



Faithful to Nature: This one stop shop for ALL things health, wellbeing and sustainable living was founded by Green Star, Robyn Smith.

You can find everything you need from pantry staples, earth friendly cleaning products, reusable cups, bags and straws, eco-wear, plastic free feminine care and so much more! 

Plus, make use of Faithful to Nature’s unique filter system that allows you to search according to your ethical values, be it vegan, palm oil free, cruelty free, proudly South African, organic, halaal or plastic free, Faithful to Nature has got you and your family covered!

The Health Nut: Nuts about your health?  You should be!  The Health Nut offers a wide range of quality natural health products that will keep you and your family feeling strong.  From daily nutritional supplements, gut health remedies, brain boosters, hormone balancers, immune boosters, homeopathy and everything in between, The Health Nut is stocked with the best of the best!

Heartwood Trees: Give your loved ones gifts that count – not just another card or voucher.  The vision of Jenni Rowe, Heartwood Trees offers you the chance to make your gift memorable for years to come, plus they tick all the green boxes, from sustainable packaging and tags to eco friendly business practices and the best part, of course, their beautiful range of indigenous trees that you can choose for your next gift!

MoonTime: Our monthly cycles shouldn’t be hurting our planet. MoonTime’s range of beautifully crafted cloth sanitary pads honour your body, the Earth and your cycle.  

Greenworx: Keep your household sparkly clean the green way!  Greenworx is a Green Tag certified company that carries a large range of bio cleaning products for the home and business.  You will learn a lot about the ethos of this company in our interview with CEO, John J. Coetzee.

Custom Creation: What better than your very own customised sustainable living diary, planting calendar and garden guide?  YOU design these beautiful essentials to exactly the way you want and Custom Creations will create it for you!

enocurge eco-friendly shopping online

Earthly: Up your oral hygiene game with Earthly’s unique oral care products.  Earthly are the creators of South Africa’s first toothpaste bits, which are made from 100% natural plant based ingredients which are good for you and the planet!


Lady of the Herbs: offering a wide range of herbal tinctures, remedies and teas, Lady of the Herbs (also known as Roxanne Joubert!) is a female first company that believes in utilising the power of nature to heal the world

Nourish Soaps: from foamy soap bars, luxurious moisturizers and immune boosting essential oil blends, to laundry soap and pet shampoo, Nourish Soaps are lovingly handcrafted in the Garden Route with you, your family and the Earth in mind!

These are just a few of our favourite online shops and platforms that tick the boxes on the health and wellbeing for the people and the planet!  

Head over to our Green Business Directory to see a full listing of all the best sites for eco-friendly shopping online!

From food and personal care products, to organic waste bins, energy efficiency products, eco building supplies, and even green products for your furry family members. – keep it green with eco-friendly online shopping!


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