Starbucks Takes Another Big Sustainability Step With Circular Cups

Starbucks Circular Cup

After launching the Starbucks Circular Cup in the UK in August 2020, Starbucks is scaling up the reusable cup programme worldwide — including an initial limited edition launch in South Africa — as part of its reusables expansion.

Made from reclaimed materials from around six paper cups, the Circular Cup has so far upcycled 450,000 single-use cups into this new reusable cup. The cup uses recycled plastic to further support a circular economy revolutionising how packaging is viewed, re-used, and recycled.

Using technology developed by a company in Cornwall, England (the location of the recent G7 Summit), the Circular Cup is a practical example of Starbucks’ financial and operational commitment to its ongoing sustainability commitments and aspirations to become resource positive.

How used paper coffee cups get turned into a Starbucks Circular Cup

  • We collect millions of our single-use paper coffee cups in store every year
  • These cups are industrially cleaned and shredded
  • The recycled paper is transformed into a recycled paper cup form
  • These are blended with a recycled plastic from ice cream tubs
  • The resulting Circular Cups are ready for customers to use and re-use

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the climate crisis and the need for responsible companies to make real, tangible and measurable commitments to a carbon-neutral economy, it’s good to know that a major international coffee brand is leading the way.

Did You Know?

Starbucks stores in South Africa have been playing their part in a quest to decrease the number of single-use paper cups leaving its stores.  Key activities include:

  • Starbucks South Africa was the first franchise coffee company to offer an incentive discount of R2 off beverages when using reusable cups.
  • Starbucks is one of the first large scale coffee houses within South Africa to promote personal cups.
  • Stores across South Africa have eliminated all plastic straws and introduced the strawless lid, removing the need for a straw altogether for our iced beverages.
  • Starbucks South Africa commits to offering a reusable Cup-Share program in all Starbucks stores by 2025.
  • Starbucks South Africa now offers an initial limited edition Circular Cup merchandise to customers.

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