Creating Special Moments this Mother’s Day

mother and daughter baking

Wistful recollections of our childhood usually centre around food and baking. Nothing conjures up feelings of nostalgia better than the image of a little child, nose-pressed-to-the-oven-door on a cold Sunday afternoon. With nostrils giddy with the scent of melted chocolate and eyes bigger than dinner plates, their delicate hands are poised, ready to grab a freshly baked cookie as soon as Mom carefully plates them. Grace Stevens, award-winning TV chef, confectionery connoisseur, and fellow mum, shares some delectable ways to ensure this Mother’s Day is the most special one yet.

Give the Gift of Food

Food shared with loved ones always creates memorable moments. There is something wonderfully unforgettable about making and gifting special edible treats for those we love, and more so for our mums, as they do it all the time for us. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to treat mum to treasured cakes and bakes passed down from previous generations, over a steaming pot of fresh tea or coffee.

Bring the Family Together on Mother’s Day

It is so special when Moms can be celebrated by spending quality time with their families, catching up, and sharing fond memories. A delightful alternative to taking mum out for a meal is to recreate her favourite restaurant dinner at home, with all the family. We absolutely love making homemade pizza together. It’s a lovely way of getting the whole family involved. From kneading the dough to roasting the tomato paste, grating the cheese, and chopping up toppings to scatter, there is something every member of the family can do, irrespective of age.

Make Mum the Focus 

Mother’s Day is all about spending quality time with your mom and making her feel special. Set aside time to just hang out with your mom and do something that she enjoys. Doing a craft class, helping with some gardening, or going on an outing together is a great way to spend precious time together. If you have more than one sibling, divide up the weekend and take your mom on a few different outings. This way she can relax and not be stressed with having to try and catch up with everyone at one time. 

Here is one of Grace’s beloved treats to create for Mum: 

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