A Sweet Innovation: I Love Uju Pure Honey Gummies


I Love Uju, an exciting new brand in the sweet industry, is taking the market by storm with their innovative and health-conscious approach. Specialising in pure honey sweets, I Love Uju is creating a buzz with their unique product offerings that cater to consumers seeking delicious treats without compromising on their health. With their unwavering commitment to quality and flavour, I Love Uju is set to redefine the confectionery landscape with their sweet innovation.

Uju is the Zulu word for honey. It should be the Zulu word for deliciousness … I recently discovered these, and I’m obsessed,” raved one satisfied customer, capturing the sentiment shared by many.

Another customer enthused about how loved Uju is saying it is “the best gift I’ve ever given, compliments just keep coming in.”

Pure, Healthy Delight

I Love Uju prides itself on being the go-to brand for pure, healthy indulgence. Their sweets are crafted using only the finest ingredients, with a particular emphasis on pure, local, non-irradiated honey. By harnessing the natural goodness of honey, I Love Uju offers a refreshing alternative to traditional confectionery. Their sweets are vegetarian, halal, and free from refined sugar, gelatine, gluten, dairy and artificial preservatives, colourants, and flavourings. With minimal ingredients, I Love Uju ensures that their sweet innovation provides maximum nutritional value while tantalising the taste buds.

Innovative Flavours and Formulation

I Love Uju is not afraid to push the boundaries of the flavour and texture one expects when thinking of honey. Over the course of nearly two years, they collaborated closely with an expert food chemist to develop a unique, patented formula that transforms honey into gummy sweets. This breakthrough formulation sets I Love Uju apart from traditional honey-based sweets. It enables their products to maintain their shape, resist melting, and deliver a divine chewy (without getting stuck in your teeth) texture that delights the senses. Similar in texture to Turkish Delight, minus all the sugar, gelatine and additives! The result is an exceptional confectionery experience that captivates consumers and establishes I Love Uju as a trailblazer in the industry.

Inspiring a Healthier Future

I Love Uju’s impact extends far beyond their own success. By championing healthier alternatives in the confectionery space, they will inspire other brands to follow suit. With their commitment to using local, raw, and non-irradiated honey, I Love Uju not only ensures superior flavour and quality but also supports local beekeeping communities. This sustainable approach resonates deeply with consumers who seek products that align with their values of health, sustainability, and community, while still satisfying their sweet tooth.

Captivating the Market

Despite being relatively new to the scene, I Love Uju has already made significant strides in the confectionery market with their sweet innovation. In a remarkably short time, their products have secured placement in over 100 stores across all 9 provinces, garnering widespread acclaim and consumer loyalty. The growing demand for their innovative sweets reflects the strong market appeal of their brand. As I Love Uju continues to expand and explore new markets, they are poised to become a major player in the local and global confectionery industry.

“We are thrilled to introduce I Love Uju to sweet lovers who crave a healthier and even more delicious experience,” says Brett Emmerson, Founder and CEO of I Love Uju. “Our dedication to pure, natural ingredients and our commitment to continually evolving our flavours and products have positioned us as a brand that truly stands out in the market. We invite everyone to join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the confectionery landscape.”

The following flavours are available:

Original Honey


Toasted Almond


Rose Geranium


Liquorice Root


Coco Nibs


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