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Wonderful Winter Recipes to Melt the Soul

We may not get much snow in the winter here in South Africa, but the howling winds, icy temperatures and […]

Sustainabrations – Ways to Party and Celebrate Sustainably!

We all love celebrations and everything they come with. A slice of cake, a smile and perhaps a little bit […]

Boost Your Pet’s Wellness with Healthy Treats and Care

For most pet owners, their much-loved furry companion is one of the family. That means that our quest for healthy […]

Four Big Reasons to Grow Your Own Microgreens

More than just the faddish darlings of trendy chefs, microgreens are finding a fresh way into home kitchens. These succulent seedlings […]

Visit a National Garden and Participate in the Challenge!

South African cities are joining more than 400 others around the world in the 2022 City Nature Challenge by inviting […]

Get Your Home Ready for Winter!

The cold is setting in around many parts of the country. Winter is knocking at the door and for many […]

Eco-friendly Pet Care Checklist- Green Pet PDF

Eco-friendly pet care if often overlooked when it comes to making good choices for a greener home.  Let’s change that. [...]

Recycled Gifts – Transformed Beauties!

The whole idea of recycled gifts is just awesome! When you think of Recycled Gifts, forget re-gifting the unwanted gift […]

Green Family Checklist – Free PDF

Are you trying to be a Green Family? You can download our Green Family Checklist FREE PDF to check how […]

Eco-Friendly Gifts – Etsy is Perfect for Green Gifting!

If you are looking for eco-friendly gifts – we’ve found the perfect spot. Etsy is the ultimate site for festive […]