Wear Your Denim Till the End!

wear your denim

With their new global campaign ‘Wear your denim till the End’, G-Star RAW calls out to invest in quality, to take care of your denim and wear it longer. Alongside this launch, the brand presents a raw denim capsule collection with warranty. Additionally, G-Star presents 8 new responsible initiatives as part of their RAW Responsibility strategy. From a brand new transparency tool on their web shop, to their efforts to extend the life of their garments through repairing, reusing or recycling.

Wear your denim till the End campaign

The campaign uses visual poetry and deepfake tech to show the beauty of the ageing process in both people and denim. A film with an unconventional message: wear your G-Star jeans for a lifetime or longer. Denim becomes even more characteristic and unique in every stage of life. Because the brand strongly believes their denim could last a lifetime, G-Star launches a raw denim capsule collection with warranty.

Gwenda van Vliet, G-Star CMO: “Raw denim is at the core of our brand DNA. At G-Star we embrace the aging process of denim and we are proud of how we have been able to capture the beauty of this journey in our global brand campaign. We really see this as a call out to value your denim and wear it longer.”


Repairing, Reusing and Recycling

On G-Star RAW’s journey towards circularity there are lots of exciting initiatives:

  • Certified Tailors: After a successful pilot phase in the Netherlands, G-Star is scaling up the Certified Tailors programme. Now offering free repairs to extend the life of your jeans at more tailors in The Netherlands, as well as in Germany, Belgium and South Africa. Global expansion is planned for 2022 and 2023.
  • Wear Longer, Wear Shorts: A new free-of-charge initiative as part of the Certified Tailors programme that transforms old jeans into a brand-new pair of shorts to extend their life.
  • Return Your Denim: Is your garment beyond repair? Hand it in at G-Star stores in Europe and they’ll make sure it is properly recycled.
  • The Art of RAW: A new art platform where international design talents – from interior designers to glass artists – are challenged to work with denim waste and dead stock. Old denim is transformed into one-of-a-kind art pieces, creating awareness for circularity.

To ensure scalability of these circular efforts, G-Star commits to 1 000 000 G-Star jeans to be reused, repaired or recycled by 2030.

Better Transparency with Responsible Materials Ranking

G-Star wants customers to decide for themselves whether a garment matches their sustainability standards. The denim brand’s web shop now offers a Responsible Materials Ranking for each item. It displays the composition of the garment and ranks the fibres according to their environmental impact.

G-Star presents their new Head of Sustainability

In her position as Head of Sustainability, Rebecka Sancho will further develop and drive G-Star’s sustainability strategy, in line with the denim brand’s strategic priorities. Some important sustainability focuses for the years to come are to increase the use of recycled, organic, bio-based and compostable materials to 100% by 2030, ensure discarded G-Star jeans are upcycled into new G-Star jeans, fundamentally reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in 2030 and safeguard social conditions in the supply chain – amongst many others.

Rebecka Sancho, Head of Sustainability G-Star: “Denim is for everyone and can be found in every wardrobe, which means that we can make substantial impact by continuously applying sustainable innovations. I’m excited to join G-Star on this journey, where I’ve felt from the start, that sustainability is truly integrated in the overall vision of the company.”

Accelerating Organic Cotton

One of the brand’s goals and commitments is to use solely organic, recycled, bio-based and compostable materials by 2030 at the latest. Throughout this journey G-Star has joined the Organic Cotton Accelerator to improve the livelihoods of farmers and increase the amount of organic cotton in global supply chains. As part of their commitment, G-Star has joined the OCA led multi-year project Textile in Transition.

Annual Sustainability Report 2021

This report includes everything that G-Star has worked on rigorously to improve this past year, from social and environmental, to transparency and circularity innovations.

wear your denim

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