Tips for Earning by Recycling Glass!

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You can earn money by collecting glass in South Africa. If you’re interested in collecting and recycling glass and making some extra money, it’s important to know the essential facts. This list provides four key points for recycling collectors in South Africa. Let’s dive in!

Accepted Glass Types:

As a collector, focus on gathering packaging glass. These are your clear and coloured glass bottles and jars. These can include beverage bottles, food containers, and cosmetics bottles. Remember, items like light bulbs, window panes, and mirrors are not accepted with glass bottles and jars!

Earn Money by Selling:

Sell your collected glass to buy-back centres to earn cash. These centres are interested in purchasing glass for recycling purposes. Locate a buy-back centre in your area. These centres purchase glass for recycling purposes and offer monetary rewards. Ask your buy-back centre to provide you with collection bags. Look for recycling centres, scrap yards, and buy back centres that accept glass. You can also contact The Glass Recycling Company to find one in your area.

Preparing Glass for Recycling:

Ensure your collected glass is prepared properly. Separate metal or plastic lids or caps for separate recycling. You may crush your glass into cullet (broken glass pieces) but it’s very important not to crush your glass too fine. Each piece of glass should be no smaller than the South African R5 coin. When handling broken glass, take precautions to avoid injuries and secure it during transportation.

Store Your Glass Safely

Ensure your glass is kept safely and is not a risk to those around you. Make sure you are storing your glass away from children and not on public land, not in parks or along our rivers and spruits. You can visit The Glass Recycling Company for advice, tips and support.

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As a glass collector in South Africa, you have the opportunity to earn money while making a positive impact on the environment. By collecting glass for recycling, you play a vital role in supporting the recycling industry in South Africa. Your efforts contribute to conserving resources and reducing litter and making our landfills smaller!

Remember to focus on accepted glass types, locate a buy-back centre, and prepare glass properly to sell your collected glass for to earn cash.

By following these steps, you contribute to a sustainable recycling industry and help to create a better future for you, and for the environment.

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