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Travel is the ultimate way to experience new things, meet new people, and expand your perspectives, but it’s important to recognize that it can also have a significant impact on the environment. From carbon emissions and energy consumption to plastic waste and water usage, international travel can contribute to a range of environmental issues. However, by being mindful of our choices and adopting sustainable practices, we can reduce our impact and make our travels more responsible and eco-friendly.  

We are proud to promote WayAway for sustainable travel including sustainable transportation options, sustainable accommodations, carbon offset programs, and eco-friendly tours and activities. These features align with the values of, a website focused on promoting sustainable living and environmental awareness.

Here are some tips to consider for sustainable international travel. 

Pack Light and Travel Responsibly: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

The more you pack, the heavier your luggage and the more fuel your transportation will consume. Plus, packing light means you’ll be able to move around more easily, which can help you explore your destination on foot or by bike. Consider choosing a backpack or duffel bag instead of a rolling suitcase, as they are easier to carry and don’t require as much space. 

Stay Eco-Friendly: Choose Sustainable Accommodations with WayAway 

Choosing eco-friendly accommodations can be a great way to reduce your environmental footprint during your travels. WayAway offers a variety of eco-friendly accommodations that have sustainable practices in place, such as using renewable energy, recycling, or conserving water. You can search for eco-friendly accommodations on WayAway’s website and choose from a range of options that fit your budget and preferences. 

Go Public: Use Sustainable Transportation with WayAway 

Using public transportation, like buses and trains, can be a more sustainable and cost-effective way to get around. It can also give you a chance to experience local life and culture. WayAway can help you find public transportation options through trusted partners so you plan your itinerary accordingly. Yes, you earn cashbacks on these bookings too!

Shop Local, Eat Local: Support the Community

By supporting local businesses, like restaurants and shops, you can help stimulate the local economy and reduce the environmental impact of long-distance imports. WayAway’s local guides can help you find restaurants that use locally sourced ingredients and recommend local shops where you can buy souvenirs from local artisans. You can also book food tours and experiences through WayAway’s website to get a taste of the local cuisine.

Be Culturally Mindful: Respect Local Customs and Traditions

Learning about the customs and traditions of your destination and being respectful of them can enhance your travel experience and show respect for the local culture. For example, dressing modestly or removing your shoes before entering a temple can be a sign of respect. WayAway’s local guides can provide insights and tips on local customs and traditions, so you can be mindful of them during your travels. 

Offset Your Travel Emissions: Use Carbon Offset Programs with WayAway 

WayAway offers a carbon offsetting program that allows you to offset your travel emissions when you book your flights and accommodations. This can be a great way to make your travel more sustainable and contribute to environmental protection. 

Choose Sustainable Activities: Book Eco-Friendly Tours and Activities

WayAway can help you find an array of sustainable tours and activities via trusted partners that promote eco-friendly practices, such as wildlife conservation or local community development. Booking these activities can help support sustainable tourism and protect the environment – and you can earn cashback on these bookings!

Reduce Your Plastic Waste: Pack Reusables

Packing reusable items, such as a reusable water bottle, shopping bag and a straw, can help reduce the amount of plastic waste you generate during your travels. Additionally, using a refillable toiletry kit instead of single-use plastic bottles can also significantly reduce your plastic waste. WayAway’s packing tips can help you pack more sustainably and reduce your plastic waste during your travels. 

Conserve Energy and Water: Be Mindful of Your Consumption

Being mindful of your energy and water consumption during your travels can have a significant impact on the environment. Turn off lights and air conditioning when you leave your hotel room and take shorter showers to conserve water. WayAway’s eco-friendly accommodations also have tips and guidelines on how to conserve energy and water during your stay. 

By following these simple suggestions, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet while exploring new cultures and creating unforgettable memories.

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Start your journey towards eco-friendly travel today!

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